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    **ADVERTISEMENT** Press Release The American Grants and Loans Book is now available. This publication contains valuable information with more than 1500 financial programs, subsidies, scholarships, grants and loans offered by the United States federal government. It also includes over 700 financing programs put forth by various Foundations and Associations across the United States. Businesses, students, individuals, municipalities, government departments, institutions, foundations and associations will find a wealth of information that will help them with their new ventures or existing projects. What you get: -Description of Grant available -Url to government website -Full mailing address -Phone and fax number The Canadian Subsidy Directory is also available for Canada. CD version: $69.95 Printed version: $149.95 To order please call: 819-322-7533 If you do not wish to receive communication from us in the future please write "agl" in the subject line to: XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 2. HPUX patch PHKL_34311 - iidbms hanging
    Just wondered if anyone has installed the following HP-UX patch to address a problem of the iidbms hanging? PHKL_34311 s700_800 11.11 thread abrt,suspend,DaS,physio,cleanpt "A thread performing a process-wide operation like fork() needs to suspend all other threads in the process. If this causes a 'ready to run' thread to be suspended, which maybe holding some kernel resource, it will cause another thread waiting non-interruptible for that kernel resource to be blocked indefinitely, without getting suspended. This will cause the first thread performing process-wide operation to block forever too. This will result in a process hang." Env: HP-UX 11.11i Ingres 2.6 I would be interested to know what your symptoms were? Did you install the fix as part of a bigger patch bundle? Did it work? Thanks Steve
  • 3. [Info-ingres] Mailing list being moved to
    Gang, I've moved the mailing list to XXXX@XXXXX.COM You should all get subscription notices to the new list and removal notices from the old list. I am going to forward the old list to the new list and hope Caribou Lake leaves it in place for a while. The new list is gatewayed to comp.databases.ingres in the same manner as the old list. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers, Mike Leo Consultant Kettle River Consulting Inc
  • 4. [Info-Ingres] Testing mail gateway to USENET for new list home
    Gang, Please ignore this. I don't have a better way to test it. Mike Leo

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Postby cf » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 20:37:02 GMT

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2.User Account Management and System Upgrades


There's a table where I store all the user names. The user names match
FileMaker's own user accounts. This allows me to setup new users in my
custom created User Account Management area and the system will
automatically setup a login for them in all the files of the solution.
Passwords are not stored in the table I've setup; they are only stored
in the Accounts and Privileges section of the FileMaker files.

Now here's the problem: I like to be able to work on a development
copy of the system offline. To upgrade I import all the data from the
live system into the development copy. If a user has changed their
password since the development copy work started, these changes will
be lost. Can you recommend a solution?

Many thanks
Kevin Smith

3.How to list all files a certain account has access to


I have, for ver 8, these 3 products: FMP, FMP Server, FMP Advanced.

Is there a tool, report, etc. that will list for me, given a particular
account (user), all the files the user has some type of account defined
for? I'm trying to set up accounts for the first time, and I'd like
Filemaker to generate a list, so I can print it, check for missing
files, add accounts, and repeat the cycle, over a period of weeks.

The Database Design Report comes close, but it's organized by filename,
not by account name.  THank you!


4.Q: Accounts receivable (the Holy Grail of FileMaker???)


I have a client who needs a VERY simple accounts receivable system set 
up. I figure I'd build it in FileMaker but I'm having the worst time 
getting the model straight.

Ideally what I THINK I want is to be able to view an accounts receivable 
account record for a given customer showing all invoices and payments, 
each with their own ID. Invoices and payment IDs will each be part of a 
different series (invoice number versus payment number).

I have the CustomerId-PaymentId and CustomerId-InvoiceId parts in place 
but I'm going in circles when it comes to bringing this data together in 
one "view." I could do this in SQL using a UNION but don't know how to 
do this in FileMaker.

Eventually I'll want to specify which payment goes to which invoice but 
my first hurdle is getting this simple(?) Accounts Receivable 
relationship built.

Is there any example program illustrating how this can be done? Or have 
I taken on some massive gargantuan task that I just can't seem to get my 
head around?

BTW, I'm using 6.0. I have the 7.0 demo so I can use that if necessary.


5.Record Level Access based on Account

I know I have seen this or something close to this in the past, but now 
can't find it (naturally, now that I need it).

I am trying to limit access based on part of the account name.

For example, the account name is MT0030 with the last four (0030 in this 
case) being an "account number".

I want to use this 0030 to find that account and only give access to that 
corresponding record. View only, no modify, no add, just view that 0030 

There may be quite a few accounts so I was thinking about setting up a 
separate "security table" to make it easier to administer but am not sure 
how to do this for multiple account names.

Any suggestions? 

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