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Re: [Info-Ingres] Error INGMENU

Postby Paul Mason » Wed, 14 Apr 2010 17:09:06 GMT

Hi Vera,

Did you raise this with Ingres Support? Someone did because one of my
colleagues was working on a issue about this yesterday. It's a bug. I
expect he'll be logging it today.



Re: [Info-Ingres] Error INGMENU

Postby Vera » Wed, 14 Apr 2010 17:41:59 GMT

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Date: 13.04.2010 8:21

Yes, I opened issue yesterday

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Good day!
Help me, please.
Solaris 10. Igres Sparc Solaris Version II 9.2.0(su9.us5/143)(patch13711).
When I execute command INGMENU on database with 30 tables - all good.
But I execute this command on databases whis large number tables(350,
783,1500) I get error:
7254, 000000111412200]: Mon Apr 12 12:25:35 2010 E_AD0116_EX_UNKNOWN   <
Expected internal error code ... No message needed. > The current
exception is not one that ADF recognizes.Query: Execute ferelacc4/

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> [mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ] Em nome de Emiliano
> Enviada em: Monday, June 12, 2006 10:06 AM
> Assunto: Re: [Info-ingres] RES: [Info-ingres] SQL Injection attacks
> On 2006-06-12, Leandro Pinto Fava < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:
> > Three years ago we had a case of SQL Injection against our web
portal of
> > students's info. This portal was made using ICE and reports in 1999
> > (with very bad security control). Now we have this portal made in
> > and the possibility of SQL injection is nearly null (I think :-().
> > had another web application (ASP) that suffered a successful SQL
> > injetcion too. The problems were corrected as well.
> And (to hook into the delightful discussion I'm having with Roy), I'll
> bet you dimes to dollars that both were using query assembly.

The ASP app was, but the ICE app was not directly. Report Writer
internally should work with query assembly when passing parameters to
run a report.

> The PHP function addslashes ought to protect you if you use it
> consistently. PHP ADODb has parameter binds, which are better.


> > In our case the problems were in the application layer.
> HTML injection?

No, when I said application layer, I wanted to say the problem was not
in database server.


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Hi jimmy,

Do an infodb, work out what the support files for the recovery are ie, 
which checkpoint, which dumps, which journals and then confirm that 
they are all in the correct directories - uncompressed.

Could you also post back the cktmpl.def you are using.

Also the rollforwarddb command you entered.

Martin Bowes
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what does error number -39100 mean when modifying a table to btree ?

E_QE0083 Error modifying a table. (Wed Jul 5 15:04:26 2006)

The table has been freshly created and filled using the NOLOGGING
option in a 2.5 Ingres installation. File generr.h says something
like "other error" about the error number, which is not very helpful.

The database is inconsistent after the error, but that is expected
behaviour and no problem.

Thanks for hints,


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