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  • 1. [Info-ingres] Ingres/ICE (3.0.2) and Apache 2.0.54
    > -----Original Message----- > From: XXXX@XXXXX.COM [mailto:info-ingres- > XXXX@XXXXX.COM ] On Behalf Of XXXX@XXXXX.COM > Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 12:46 PM > To: XXXX@XXXXX.COM > Subject: [Info-ingres] Ingres/ICE (3.0.2) and Apache 2.0.54 > > Hello World Hi > I've recently installed Apache 2.0.54 and then installed ingres r3 > 3.0.2 using the ICE option. Has anyone managed to do this successfully? > If you are using the apache module that comes with Ingres then it will probably not work. It was built using Apache 1.3 and I believe is not compatible with 2.0.x. Apart from downgrading apache to 1.3 the other options are: - use ICE in CGI mode - use PHP's ingres extension <bias>I must declare my interest in the second option since I am updating PHP's ingres extension. As of 10 minutes ago it has the ability to fetch BLOBs from ingres stored using the blobstor program. The source is available in CVS - I can send you an experimental DLL should you wish.</bias> Regards, grant
  • 2. copydb: interger overflow error
    Hi, I'm getting an intermittent, non-reproduceable error when running the copydb command. Example copydb command and error included below. An integer overflow error is produced. I have been able to show that this command can fail once, yet when the exact same command is subsequently run (seconds later), the command succeeds (sometimes!). This problem has only started occuring in the two weeks. We are running Ingres II 2.6/0305 on SunOS 5.9. Any thoughts? Eoin COMMAND ******* copydb dev_db -udevdba -infile='' -outfile='copy.out.tmp' -with_tables -with_modify cttbeog ERROR ***** INGRED COPYDB Copyright 2003 Computer Associates Intl, Inc. Unload directory is '/some/directory'. Reload directory is '/some/directory'. E_US1068 Integer overflow detected in query. (Wed Sep 14 15:54:41 2005) There are 0 tables owned by user 'devdba'. E_XF0019 There was a table or view specfied on the command line that does not exist of is not owned by you.
  • 3. TERM_INGRES FOR w2k
    Hello, II_CHARSET<ii_installation_id> = WIN1252 TERM_INGRES = IBMPCD Works fine for me on W2K for r3 If you still don't have any luck, i would recommend unloading the database and reinstall. I initially had the same problem and TERM_INGRES was not working, and as it was only a test installation i removed and reinstalled leaving the character and terminal defaults. HTH m00n

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