[Info-Ingres] Escribe ingl茅s con errores de o rtograf铆a ?


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    (Ingres 2.0 under Tru64 Unix) Hello all, Could someone let me know how I can get the output from lock_trace written to a file? We are doing some testing of a locking problem in about 12 hours from now and would like to be able to capture the locking info. for all the testers in a single file. I see (re queries) II_EMBED_SET = "printqry" goes to a file (iiprtqry.log) but I cannot find anything similar for locking. Or maybe there is some other way to get the locking info? Don't think logstat will help and using ipm has not helped much. Thanks very much for your assistance. Bruce Crisp Library and Archives of Canada
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    curious < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >... > Hi, > > I want to download Ingresii sdk for solaris, I have requested the CD > from CA many times but have had no joy. Is it possible to download this > somewhere?? I need a copy for Solaris 9. > Please help. The SDK is only available for Linux and Windows I'm afraid, not Solaris. The Linux version is downloadable from the Ingres pages on ca.com, but to get the full thing I believe you need order a CD from your local CA office. Dave
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    Am trying to find a modelling tool that will reverse engineer an ingres v2 database. I am aware that CA have a product called 'ERWin', but this does not support ingres. Any suggestions (apart from change DBMS's :) ). Thanks.

[Info-Ingres] Escribe ingl茅s con errores de o rtograf铆a ?

Postby Solucin fenomenal ahora en espaol! » Sun, 14 Oct 2007 06:06:48 GMT

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> -----Mensagem original-----
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> > Three years ago we had a case of SQL Injection against our web
portal of
> > students's info. This portal was made using ICE and reports in 1999
> > (with very bad security control). Now we have this portal made in
> > and the possibility of SQL injection is nearly null (I think :-().
> > had another web application (ASP) that suffered a successful SQL
> > injetcion too. The problems were corrected as well.
> And (to hook into the delightful discussion I'm having with Roy), I'll
> bet you dimes to dollars that both were using query assembly.

The ASP app was, but the ICE app was not directly. Report Writer
internally should work with query assembly when passing parameters to
run a report.

> The PHP function addslashes ought to protect you if you use it
> consistently. PHP ADODb has parameter binds, which are better.


> > In our case the problems were in the application layer.
> HTML injection?

No, when I said application layer, I wanted to say the problem was not
in database server.


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