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  • 1. program slowing with use of SQL on paradox
    I have seen posts that use of SQL with paradox is slow. I am rewriting my program using SQL because I get compiler warnings that use of BookMarks and RecordMarks is unsafe, and some strange things have happened using these marks. But, it is slower! Is this due to the SQL with paradox only, and would another local database (used on a LAN) be more responsive? Thanks, David
  • 2. interger variable needed as intermediate step in use of parameters for SQL
    The following code gives an access violation error procedure TMainForm.PRowDeleteDblClick(Sender: TObject); var Field7 : integer; begin edit1.Text:=DBGrid4.Fields[1].Value; // FOR TESTING edit2.Text:=inttostr(DBGrid4.Fields[7].Value);// TESTING field7:=DBGrid4.Fields[7].value; // NOTE THIS!! with Dma.QQueryDBScript do Begin close ; sql.clear; sql.Add('delete from scriptlist where numberkey=:nk'); params[0].asinteger:=DBGrid4.Fields[7].Value; //ERROR HERE!! execsql; close; sql.clear; sql.Add('select * from scriptlist where chartno=:cn'); params[0].Value:=editchartno1.Text; open; end; end; If I change the "DBGrid4.Fields[7].Value" to "field7" the code works. Why? I spent a great deal of time to determine this so that it worked, and I want to avoid such frustrating use of time. I also used "Parambyname" and got the same error. Also, changed "value" to "asinteger". Thanks, David
  • 3. Closing files
    Hi I'm working with D7 and Paradox. Sometimes during development stage I have to break the debuging session using the (Ctrl+F2) buttons to stop the program run. This can left an file on open state. The only way for closing such a file, I know is to restart the computer. Are there others options? Thanks Sorin
  • 4. Changing a radio button check
    I have radiobutton1 and radiobutton2 radiobutton2 is checked by default. When radio1button is checked the value in a logical field ('Fine_Paid') is set to True. What I need to do is on the onShow of a tabsheet. Check for the value of DBEdit56 and if true change radiobutton1.checked to true; I use the following codes but nothing changes. If DBedit56.Text = 'true' then begin radiobutton1.Checked := true; end; or If DBedit56.Text = 'true' then radiobutton1.Checked := true; Cheers SteveW
  • 5. How do I find the state of a table.
    I have used this example from the help file. I get the error ' undelclared identifier dsEdit'. I am trying to controll the enabled property of edit fields depending on whether the table is in , insert, edit, nonedit etc. Cheers SteveW var Stream: TStream; S: string; begin with Datamodule2.Table_Customer do begin Edit; if State = dsEdit then begin Stream := CreateBlobStream(FieldByName('Notes'), bmReadWrite); try Stream.Seek(0, 2); {Seek 0 bytes from the stream's end point} S := ' This line will be added to the end.'; Stream.Write(PChar(S)^, Length(S)); Post; finally Stream.Free; end; end; end; end;

Re: Re:

Postby Frank Marousek » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 01:04:33 GMT

I had no idea it was a common problem, but I'm certainly glad to hear that
it is.

May I bother you to instruct me as to how one goes about searching the
newsgroup archives?


Postby Bill Todd » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 01:24:52 GMT

Go to  http://www.**--****.com/ 

Bill Todd (TeamB)


Postby Rick Carter » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 01:48:07 GMT

This is a known problem, and has been discussed much in threads in this
forum, in borland.public.bde, and in other forums.  Search the newsgroup
archives for "insufficient disk space" or "4G limit" and you'll find
plenty.  There are also suggested work-arounds, and I think one is
a download available from Code Central.

Rick Carter
Chair, Delphi/Paradox SIG, Cincinnati PC Users Group

--- posted by geoForum on  http://www.**--****.com/ 

Re: Re:

Postby Frank Marousek » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 02:14:55 GMT

Thank you Bill and Rick.

I found this on "Rick's dBase page" (
has anyone used this fix and care to comment?

BDE "Insufficient disk space" Error Fix
The BDE in all releases earlier than (the version that ships with
dBASE Plus 2.5 and later) and later releases one assumes, has an error that
can occur if you or your users have free disk space on the hard drive that
is an exact increment of 4 gigabytes (i.e., 4, 8, 12, 16 ...). The file includes the .DLL file that solves this issue (it's a "patch"
for the BDE), and also a small program that will load it. Details are in the
file "BDEFix.prg" contained in the .zip file. Note that if you have dBASE
Plus 2.5 or later, this should not be an issue, and you do not need this

Re: Re:

Postby Rick Carter » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 02:17:38 GMT

>May I bother you to instruct me as to how one goes about searching the

Start with the links here:

Rick Carter
Chair, Delphi/Paradox SIG, Cincinnati PC Users Group

--- posted by geoForum on  http://www.**--****.com/ 

Re: Re:

Postby Roon » Mon, 01 Jan 2007 11:18:58 GMT

I ran into the problem on occasion and just copied some file to the drive to
change the size of the free disk space.  It happened so infrequently, that
the biggest issue I had was to remember what to do when it happened..


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