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Miniport WAN Driver

Postby Nicolas Collignon » Sat, 07 Aug 2004 20:47:36 GMT


I'm developping a NDISWAN miniport adapter, it creates PPP tunnels
through a TCP stream.
So all pretty works, i have my new connection but ...
When i update device driver using devcon tool, and restart the PPP
connection, windows simply freeze without breaking in de{*filter*}: no
error, no warning, no exception.
!thread command always show "svchost.exe" process.
I guess what append is that windows re-*set* ? "Use default Gateway of
remote server" option on this connection which create a loop because my
tunnel go back to userland in order to use TCP stream.

But .. the checkbox is not checked on connection property dialog box.
If i reboot all works fine.

Any idea where this can come from ?

thankx, bye

-- cl

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