Enable/Diable Device Driver from Non-Admin account

device driver

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Enable/Diable Device Driver from Non-Admin account

Postby murthy_akella » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 06:50:49 GMT

In our Video Conferencing systems, we have multiple propritary drivers
running on the system and also our system works with different third
party Conferencing Devices. Obviously differnt drivers for variety of
HW devices are running on the same system. Our recent version of HW is
getting problems with one of HW that is colloborated with our unit.
Then I played with different drivers and finally I found a way to make
it work. Disable the HW unit driver before reboot and enable after the
system booted completely using Windows ddk api from one of test app.
But the Microsoft documentation is expalaining that these APIs for
Enable/Disable, SetupDiChangeState, is only for Administrator group. 
Is there any way to disable / Enable the Drivers when we login as a
Non-Admin also.
Can somebody to help to solve this problem. If I am following the
wrong way, Can you update me the proper way to solve this issue.

Thank You

Re: Enable/Diable Device Driver from Non-Admin account

Postby murthy_akella » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 22:56:40 GMT

Hi Eliyas
Thanks for your reply. In general If two drivers are started properly
and status is working properly, still will there be an impact of one
driver on the other. As I explained in my problem I could see the
difference if I delay one driver, I do not understand the concept
because both are started and working properly.  I did not see any
problem of starting. That meaning Is the order of loading the drivers
is really matter in the system.

Thank You

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