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Mirror Driver Sample and Test Application

Postby anJiMTQwMA » Wed, 20 Feb 2008 10:38:02 GMT


I have built and installed the mirror driver sample.
The Attach.ToDesktop registry parameter is set as noted in the documentation.

When I run the test application provided with the sample, 
"ddmlapp -e" uses ChangeDisplaySettingsEx to set the mirror driver device 
mode to the size of the primary display.   When this is done, it appears that 
the mirror driver
 is attached to the primary display.   With "ddmlapp -d" it seems to 
the mirror driver from the display device.

I'm having trouble with mouse pointers.

If I execute   "ddmlapp -e"   first, then use Control panel / mouse to 
change the pointer scheme (to Bronze 3D for example)
-  the mouse pointer shape changes to the "wait" shape but then never 
changes after that
-  I can drag the pointer across window borders but don't get any 
SetPointerShape calls in the mirror driver.   In other words the cursor still 
opeates, byt it is stuck with the hourglass.

If I then execute ddmlapp -d
- the pointer shapes correctly change to the proper set and operate 
normally, changing when appropriate

If I then re-execute ddmlapp -e
- the mouse pointer correctly stays with the new shape set, and I now do get 
SetPointerShape calls to the mirror driver.  The pointer shapes change 
properly to resize arrows when the pointer is moved across window borders.

If I have last executed ddmlapp -d
then I can change the mouse pointer set all I want without any problems.

I had posted a similar description of this problem in December and it was
suggested that I set GCAPS2_ALPHACURSOR in the flGraphicsCaps2 flag word.   
I still have the problem even when GCAPS2_ALPHACURSOR is set.

It is not a problem drawing alpha blended cursors, as all cursor sets can be 
drawn with the mirror driver attached. 

It just seems to be a problem switching pointer sets while the mirror driver 
is attached.

What can I do to fix this ?

Do any of you have the mirror driver sample built and might like to try 
switching pointer sets on your Windows XP system?

Thanks in advance,

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