How ro Find Number of Parameters & Type of Parameters of functions exported by a DLL

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    I am developing an usb smartcard reader using the usbccid driver from Microsoft. The reader works fine except in "hard" condition tests (detailed below) that have 2 critical consequences: (1) Reboot of the PC or (2) Impossibility to detect an usb product anymore (as if the usb plug-and-play service was crashed). For the second consequence, a reboot of the PC is also necessary to find again a normal behaviour of the PC. My smartcard reader is not powered by USB, but has an external power supply. Unfortunately I am unable to find a repeatedly test sequence that make my reader crash the PC but here is what I have noticed: (1) Reboot of the PC appears after a lot of quick insertion/removal of both USB and power supply. I have a blue screen with information: BAD_POOL_CALLER (i.e. free buffer failed) (2) The impossibility the find any usb product anymore appears when one or more CCID messages was/were sent from the PC and the reader did not answered it/them because the power supply was voluntary removed. So I want to know if somebody has got similar problems with the usbccid driver or an idea of what I am doing wrong in my code to produce those behaviours. Best regards, Olivier
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    Hi All, We are developping Image stream driver( like UsbIntel sample ). Our device can't install in some PC. I tested by NEC LC700/4. I can't install device driver on Windows XP Home Edition SP2 japanese. But I can install device driver on Windows XP professional SP2 english. I have no idea Why our device fail. Please tel me any documents about this fact. Shiji

How ro Find Number of Parameters & Type of Parameters of functions exported by a DLL

Postby vikrantkpr » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 06:01:21 GMT

Hey Friends
   I want to know if there is any way of finding out the
a)Number of Parameters
b)Types of Parameters

of the functions exported by a DLL.

Thanks in advance.


Re: How ro Find Number of Parameters & Type of Parameters of functions exported by a DLL

Postby Arkady Frenkel » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 15:58:42 GMT

Or you need disassemler into your program to check what happen afterwards 
with parameters or ODL/IDL as COM used for that

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1.[Q] Static parameter or "hidden registry parameter" for Ndis D/D.

Subject : [Q] Static parameter or  "hidden registry parameter" for Ndis D/D.

Hello everyone.

I'm developing a WinXP Ndis driver and there is one thing what I want to

I want to know how to make "hidden registry parameter" using an inf file.

(Please note that the "hidden registry parameter" is not a common term.)

When I'm installing my D/D, the parameter in inf file will be registered
automatically to registry with default value.

(See below example for speed and duplex parameter.)

After installation, the parameter can be accessed and configured at
"advanced" menu in the devices properties window.

What I want to do is just registering the parameter to registry and not
showing the parameter at advanced menu.

I do not want the parameter to be configured or modified by users.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Have a nice time.


//Below example


HKR, Ndi\params\SpeedDuplex,       ParamDesc,  0, "SpeedDuplex"

HKR, Ndi\params\SpeedDuplex,       default,    0, "0"

HKR, Ndi\params\SpeedDuplex,       type,       0, "enum"

HKR, Ndi\params\SpeedDuplex\enum,  "0",        0, "AutoDetect"

HKR, Ndi\params\SpeedDuplex\enum,  "1",        0, "10Mb-Half-Duplex"

HKR, Ndi\params\SpeedDuplex\enum,  "2",        0, "10Mb-Full-Duplex"

HKR, Ndi\params\SpeedDuplex\enum,  "3",        0, "100Mb-Half-Duplex"

HKR, Ndi\params\SpeedDuplex\enum,  "4",        0, "100Mb-Full-Duplex"

2.Hitting RPC request number of parameters limit

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stack trace The incoming tabular data 
stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect. Too 
many parameters were provided in this RPC request. The maximum is 2100.
        at Source)
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Need help getting back a resultset from an oracle stored procedure

I'm trying to execute an oracle stored procedure which returns an array of 
type varchar and I'm getting an error on the calling side reading:

ERROR [HY105] [Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle]Invalid parameter type

I'm calling the stored procedure from a c# program using odbc
The oracle version is 9i release, 
the .net framework version is v1.1.4322
Microsoft.Data.Odbc.dll version 1.0.4030.0

the error message points to the invoking of the fill method
objConn = new OdbcConnection( sConnString );

OdbcCommand objCmd = new OdbcCommand( "{ CALL packageName.spName(?,?) }", 
objConn );
objCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
OdbcParameter objParm = objCmd.Parameters.Add( "@p_last_name", 
OdbcType.VarChar, 50 );
objParm.Value = sLastName.ToUpper();
objParm = objCmd.Parameters.Add( "@p_xmlString", OdbcType.VarBinary, 800 );
objParm.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;

OdbcDataAdapter objDataAdapter = new OdbcDataAdapter();
objDataAdapter.SelectCommand = objCmd;


DataSet objDS = new DataSet();
objDataAdapter.Fill( objDS, 1, 10, "sample" );

within the package spec:


PROCEDURE spName( p_last_name IN VARCHAR, p_xmlString OUT txmlString );


4.NdisHandle parameter of NdisAllocateMemoryWithTagPriority in MUX type sample intermediate driver

Hi All,

I have written a mux type IM driver based on the sample. Right now I
am getting occasional blue screen when I call
NdisAllocateMemoryWithTagPriority. I suspect that the first parameter
I pass for NdisHandle is wrong. So I refered sample driver and they
have the same thing too. Basically in the sample they call as follows:

NdisAllocateMemoryWithTagPriority(pAdapt, sizeof(MUX_NDIS_REQUEST),
MUX_TAG, LowPoolPriority);

but pAdapt is the pointer to the memory allocated by the Mux driver
earlier for storing per binding info. This doesnt seem right. Now I am
confused on what should be passed for NdisHandle while calling


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