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  • 1. linking user created lib
    Hi, I have created some library by defining VOID __declspec(dllexport) myfunc(PVOID Context) { pointer_to_my_deviceextension = Context; do some work using pointer_to_my_deviceextension } I found that lib file is created. I copied the lib file where I want to use and then I declared: VOID __declspec(dllimport) myfunc(PVOID Context); Also, sources has TARGETLIBS pointing to lib. I'm able to (statically) link the routine. But, when I load the driver OS does not load my driver and if I don't call the import routine then it loads. It seems that OS thinks the driver is corrupted in some part. Setupapi.log points error 0x27: CM_PROB_DRIVER_FAILED_LOAD. pointer_to_my_deviceextension is exact everywhere at the place of creation and usage. I'm missing something. Can anybody give me some hints? Thanks, Hablu
  • 2. Detect video rotation
    Many recent notebook computers have added various features to rotate the display either to switch between portrait and landscape, or to rotate 180 degrees (usually, the argument for this is that in Japan, they like to sit across the table from their customers and flip the display so that it's face up to the customer but upside down to them). Detecting the difference between portrait and landscape mode generically is pretty easy (if nothing else, you can look for a WM_DISPLAYCHANGE message and see whether X or Y is bigger). However, I haven't (in a very short amount of searching so far) figured out any way to generally (i.e. not dependent on video driver) detect a 180 degree rotation. Does anyone here know whether there is a general way to detect this? -- ../ray\..
  • 3. OpenHCI bug on Win2k?
    I developed a USB driver for smartcard reader and it was running fine on WinXP. It works fine on Win2k too if my reader is connected through a hispeed hub. However, if I connect the reader to the root hub directly, the driver would fail to load. I snooped around with SoftICE into the driver stack and discovered that it is in OpenHCI that my IRP, or URB, failed a parameter validation. Turns out that it does not take a buffer with size greater than 64 bytes (possibly because the max packet size of of my bulk input pipe is 64 bytess) and rejected my URB with STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER (0xc000000D). When a reader is connected through a hub, openhci is not involved. My driver passes the URB to usbport.sys instead. Anybody out there experienced the same problem? I can provide more details if anybody is interested. Winston
  • 4. How to preinstall USB driver files
    Our customer wants to deploy mobile phone synchronisation software. Clients are running W2KPro, users do not have admin rights. We would like to preinstall the USB driver files. The goal is that users can simply plug in the USB cable and synchronize their mobile phones. Unfortunately when the user plugs in the USB cable the message, that admin rights are necessary to install the driver, appears. Does someone know what tasks are necessary to preinstall the USB driver? Does someone knows a tool to preinstall PnP Drivers? Thanks for any hints and help George


Postby Z2F6 » Sat, 17 Jul 2004 14:59:01 GMT

where is the printer driver's DEVMODE being saved?

thanks in advace.


Postby Christoph Lindemann » Sat, 17 Jul 2004 18:41:25 GMT



Postby vipin » Sat, 17 Jul 2004 19:02:37 GMT

you mean when you save from printing preferences or printer properties. Its
in the registry.
But if you are changing the print settings from the applicaiton's printer
properties, it is a chunk of memory that goes from the application to the
driver,there isn't any registry involved here.



Postby Z2F6 » Wed, 21 Jul 2004 10:09:03 GMT

>> you mean when you save from printing preferences or printer properties. Its

yes, this is what I mean. thanks.
by the way, could we know in particular where in the registry?

thanks in advance.

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I'm going to pay you a beer in Nice south of France if you come.
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5.Updating public devmode with IPrintOemDriverUI::DrvUpdateUISet

I have not looked at this until you pointed me to it.

However, I don't think this will help me either... according to the docs on 

Pointer to a DEVMODE structure that defines default printer data such as the 
paper orientation and the resolution. 

This changes the default printer data.  Am I mistaken in assuming that this 
is not the same as modifying the pdevmode that is passed to the ui plugin? I 
am particularly worried about what will happen when the print settings for a 
particular document are changed while that document is in the print spooler 

Thank You,

Steven Velez
Hanna Strategies
Sr. Software Engineer

"Caz Yokoyama[MSFT]" wrote:

> Have you looked at GetPrinter and SetPrinter? They get and set 
> PRINTER_INFO_2. It has pDevMode. You can modify and set the new value back

6. Does Unidrv ignore the DEVMODE in IPrintOemUni::CommandCallback()?


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