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  • 1. HCT Test group does not contain my device class
    Hello all, My device is a PCI card that contains two regions of flash memory. I wrote the driver for the PCI card a controller. The driver then creates two disk devices. I created a class ID for my PCI card device. Now when I install HCT, I select almost all the device group under storage class (including SCSI, ATATI, RAID, others, etc.), but when HCT manager comes up It scans thru everything but does not see my PCI device. I only see the two disk devices that were created by the PCI device driver. Question: + Is it true that the HCT cannot any device that are of a new class? + If not, then what did I do wrong? + If true, what are the alternative? + Is it enough to just submit the test results for the two disk drive? + If not, what class can I make my PCI card device belong? SCSI controller, ATATI controller, floppy controller, or whatesle? Thank you.
  • 2. microsoft mirror dirver sample BUG
    hi all i ran the microsoft ddk mirror driver sample. after installing it, all combo boxes in my windows stopped working normally. also long strings lost their ends. has anyone figured out why this is? assaf
  • 3. 'devcon remove' cannot remove device which is not present
    I have a Cardbus Wireless Adapter installed on my Notebook. When it is unplugged from the Notebook, I run 'devcon remove [Hardware ID]'. It prompts 'No Devices removed.' For this case, how can I remove those devices that are not present in the PC? Any comment is appreaciated. regards Kevin


Postby Shiv » Thu, 06 Oct 2005 19:15:56 GMT

   I am developing stream class mini driver for windows XP. We want the
driver to work with Movie maker. We tested our driver with Ulead and
DVapp and it works with both of the applications. But with Movie Maker,
I see lots of SRB_GET_DATA_INTERSECTION requests from Stream class
driver before the DVcapture stream is opened. Once the stream is
opened, we again  start seeeing SRB_GET_DATA_INTERSECTION requests, and
this is where Movie maker gives "Unknown error ocurred" after some
   I have been trying to figure out what could be the problem for the
multiple SRB_GET_DATA_INTERSECTION request but till now I had no luck.
Is any one aware of any particular format that Movie maker is expecting
from the driver to support.  If DVApp and Movie Maker both use MSDV,
then what is that Movie is expecting from the driver which DVapp does
   I am using Movie Maker 2.1 with Sony Camcorder. I have even tried
Movie maker with both NTSC and PAL camcorders, but no luck. I still
see the same behaviour.


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