Q) PCI Expansion ROM for a CardBus.

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Q) PCI Expansion ROM for a CardBus.

Postby Daum » Thu, 06 Oct 2005 06:03:24 GMT

Subject : Question about PCI Expansion ROM for a CardBus.

Dear all,

Im developing NDIS CardBus device driver at Win2K/Xp. It will use PCI
Expansion ROM for CardBus CIS only.

Q1) What kinds of resource type will I get after using
I found that CmResourceTypeInterrupt, CmResourceTypeMemory, and etc were
defined in ndis.h. But, there is no type for an expansion ROM. Will it be
treated as a memory(CmResourceTypeMemory) type?

Q2) Are there any side effects to BIOS or bus/bridge drivers that were from
Win2K/Xp because of PCI Expansion ROM? My expansion ROMs content is
completely empty except the CardBus CIS information.

Thank you for your attention to my question.

// Daum

Re: Q) PCI Expansion ROM for a CardBus.

Postby Stephan Wolf [MVP] » Thu, 06 Oct 2005 19:10:21 GMT

IIRC, PCI expansion ROM contents are copied by the BIOS during system
boot to the standard expansion ROM address window, i.e. somewhere
between C000:0h and F000:0h (seg:ofs).

The expansion ROM can/should have some initialization code sequence,
which will set the ROM size to be present *after* the initialization
has completed (i.e. it can shrink its own size).

Not sure, but I guess you will not see the address (below 1 MB) of the
*copied* ROM as a resource returned by NdisMQueryAdapterResources().
You will rather see the *actual* address of the ROM, i.e. somewhere in
32-bit address space.

IIRC, this is all documented in various dosuments like the PCI spec.,
Plug & Play BIOS specification, etc. See e.g. here for the latter

  > Plug and Play Specifications

You can get the PCI spec from  http://www.**--****.com/ "pci


Re: Q) PCI Expansion ROM for a CardBus.

Postby Pavel A. » Thu, 06 Oct 2005 20:00:40 GMT

Do you really need to read something from the CIS in your driver in runtime?
For cardbus, CIS is not used to describe resources.
You just define BARs and interrupt in the PCI config space as for regular PCI device,
and will get the allocated resources via NdisMQueryAdapterResources.


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