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avstream avssamp example freeze system

Postby Tulup » Thu, 19 Apr 2007 23:16:29 GMT

Using matlab+simulink (under mex setup VS2005) as a client application for 
capturing video from DDK sample avssamp totally freeze windows (Vista, XP). 
The mouse cursor doesn't move, nothing is move at all.
At the same time Avssamp is fine when capturing with Amcap, and fine if 
matlab mex setup is VS2003.NET, also matlab is fine with vs2005 when 
captureing from {*filter*}era...

Tried using avsamp debug version with dbgPrintf+dbgview - i can't see any 
out message, system is freezed before any message occurs.
Tried run with verifier ON, nothing!

Could anybody advise how to debug this strange avssamp behaviour?
Thank you.


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only want 0x200 bytes)
- complete the IRP

The IRP_MN_START_DEVICE request, which i receive later, gives me the 
modified resources.
The whole driver works fine at three of my test machines.

One machine shows a strange behavior. I see, that the size of the memory 
area is modified
(the length is 0x200 instead the original 0x400 bytes). The following call 
to MmMapIoSpace
returns without error (returns pointer != NULL).
If i use this pointer, the system freezes.

In this case the revision and version numbers of the partial resource list, 
which i get at IRP_MN_START_DEVICE request,
are 0 instead of 1.

All machines use Windows XP with service pack 2. The "error" machine uses an 
english XP version.
The driver is compiled with the DDK version 3790.1830.

Some additional informations:
My PCI card uses more than one memory and i/o resources. At least there are 
three device drivers,
to support the whole functionality of this card. The resources are divided 
using MF.SYS.

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Thanks in advance,
Roman Jordan 

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