IPrintOemDriverPS::DrvGetDriverSetting example

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    I've got a device driver for a custom pci device, that exposes an ioctl interface to user mode appications. Under Windows Vista, the only way to exeucte the app is with an account that has admin privs. Is there any way to use a standard non-admin user account to execute the app? /Russ
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    My boss wants me to write a driver to download USB driver directly into a mobile device. After the USB driver is downloaded into the mobile device, I need to download the rest of system image via the same USB cable. Therefore, I cannot use standard USB driver( like WinUSB) to achieve it because there is no USB driver in the device at the first place. I think I need a simple protocol to communicate between PC and the mobile device. The simple protocol should be simple enough to be stored in the ROM of the device. The main issue is that I don't know how to bypass the whole USB protocol stack and transmit raw data to the device direclty. Is it possible with the Microsoft driver framework?
  • 3. Kernel mode code signing - Test signing
    Hi, I am upto go with making Test signing for my driver set (UsbSer.sys + MyConvert.INF). i followed the KMCS_walkthrough.doc which explains how to proceed to obtain a test sign the data in summary says so - 1. Prepare a computer for test-signing. 2. Create a test certificate by using MakeCert. 3. Create a catalog file by using MakeCat or Inf2Cat. 4. Test-sign the catalog file by using SignTool. 5. Install the test certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store. Now coming to my issue, i am through step 2. but for step 3 (using the Toaster examples .CMD script file in WDK(6000)) i am not able to generate a .cat file to proceed further in which "Signability" tool is used in the .cmd file did anyone encounter the same before, i came to know that "INF2Cat" is the one much effective, but in vain, neither i could get it as standalone nor with "winqual submission tool .msi setup". Thankful if any one could suggest how to proceed either "how to generate a .CAT file using signability" else a place to get inf2cat.exe (and its components). -- Thanks in advance, Shankar G.

IPrintOemDriverPS::DrvGetDriverSetting example

Postby patricerolland » Sat, 24 May 2008 19:33:27 GMT

hi all, i have a pb to use DrvGetDriverSetting it is not working with
some feature like "Orientation", do you have an example ?

thanks in advance

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  char nup[]="OEMGDS_PSDM_NUP";//"Orientation";
  POEMUIPROCS pOemUIProcs = pOEMUIParam->poemuiobj->pOemUIProcs;
  if (!pOemUIProcs->DrvGetDriverSetting(pOEMUIParam->poemuiobj,
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The next step, from what I can understand, is copy genprint.dll into a
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AddPrintProcessor to install the printer without the inf file, but
I'll ask about that another day.

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