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  • 1. Win2003 build
    When I tried to build drivers using win2003 ddk under win2k platform I got c1189 error " compiler version not supported by windows ddk". Does win2003 ddk has its own compiler and linker? how am i to set the path for vc++ in the environment? i am not using the build environment provided by them, am creating a suitable environment using a batch file by setting path, include and lib.
  • 2. moving controls on a Win2K Print driver (Unidriver)
    I'm writing a Windows 2K/XP printer driver (using the Unidriver model). i'd like to move a control from one of the standard dialogs/tabs to another custom tab (such as Orientation control from the Layout tab). Is this possible. If not, is it possible to have new control, on a custom tab, linked to this standard control. so that i have two Orientation controls that affect the same value, so the user can change either and the end result is the same? thanks for any help! joe
  • 3. Postscript Replacement UI
    Hi I have replaced the standerd UI for a postscript driver and used all my UI to show driver on XP. The skeleton was taken from DDK sample PSUIREP, The only problem I am facing is how to do font substitution table. As Enum Option ,Get Option and Set Option does not give me any data about that.. Naveen
  • 4. AVStream : got VFW_E_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTED error
    Dear All I based on the DirectShow sample program (AMCap) in DirectX SDK 9.0 Update (Summer 2003) to develop an application program to setup/build a filter graph (composed of MPEG2 encoder, MPEG2 Demultiplexer, MPEG2 Video Decoder and Video Renderer filters) automatically and play it to show video on monitor. My MPEG2 encoder filter could work when I make the filter graph by GraphEdit manually. I mean audio and video could play without problems. However, I got one error code 0x8004022a (VFW_E_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTED) when I use my application program to play audio and video. The result is that audio could work but no video output on window. PS : VFW_E_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTED means "This pin cannot use the supplied media type.". Is there anyone met this problem? any comment is very appreciated Thanks Edward
  • 5. Preventing process being killed.
    Hi, I have a service that communicates with my driver, I want to prevent it and its threads from being killed/terminated. Not even by a program with Admin/debug privilege. Why? Sorry, I dont really want to disclose. I am targetting NT machines. I want to allow install/un-install by Admins/authorized users only ( this is automatically enforced as it tries to install/uninstall a driver). FYI, I am *NOT* writing a virus, trojan, a worm, or anything of that kind. Thanks. Sen

play sound

Postby Alexander » Mon, 31 May 2004 21:20:40 GMT

How can I play some sound from WDM driver? I suppose to use KsCreatePin to
open sound stream. But I could not set its parameters properly. At the
moment I obtain a handle to sound driver (1st parameter) but the socond one
cause a problem.
Could anybody provide me with example of how to call this function. I want
to play PCM/44.1kHz/stereo sound.

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2.How to play sound in Avssamp??


I have try to play sound in Avssamp,I uncomment some code when audio
is required,but it still cann't not run ,where is the place that I
need to
modify?? in the KsNodeDescriptors and KsConnections also has some code
is marked,should I remove it??

  may I change avssamp.dat to any WAV file that will be fine ??

Thanks a lot

3.Play sound from multiple devices

When I plug a phone jack into my laptop, it now plays through the
external speakers via the jack.

Question: Is this a hardware connection that is broken ?  or is there
a software decision in the driver to play through the external
devices ?

Is there a setting somewhere (registry or API) that I can set the
system to play through the external and internal speakers ?

Or:  Can I set the system to send sound to multiple devices if
installed multiple sound devices ?



4.Sound files all play too fast - possible driver solution

I also had my sound files playing at double speed and downloaded 12-15
patch/update files from various sites, e.g. Intel 815 chipset update,
HP/Compaq AC97 driver updates, etc, and nothing seemed to work. I knew
it was something to do with getting a SoundMAX Integrated Digital
Audio driver to replace my AC97 one. Finally after losing the plot
several times with my pc i found the SoundMAX driver on another
similar machine (150 Kb zipped), installed it and bingo! i have calmed
down by listening to my 'Calming' music :)

My pc is a Compaq Deskpro PIII 733MHz 128RAM with integrated sound.
I don't have a place to put the driver i found (is there one
available) but if anyone wants it feel free to send me an email.


5.Reinstall sound card drivers - no sound

"along with most sound card related problems can be
fixed just reinstalling the drivers for the sound card"

The above is oft mentioned as a fix for no audio, but I 
don't know how to do it. Do I start out with My 
Computer>Properties>System Properties>Hardware tab>Device 
Manager > ???

Can you give steps for reinstalling the sound card 

I do have a HW sound card in my XP laptop.  Used to get 
sound until system went to sleep.  On wake-up, sound 
would be gone.  Would return after doing a ReStart. Now I 
get no sound period.  Help.  Thanks, john

6. lost sound card drivers for integrated sound card on Motherboa

7. lost sound card drivers for integrated sound card on Motherboard

8. No sound or sound drivers detected

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