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Re: connect ppc to SQL Server 2000 using web services

Postby William Ryan eMVP » Sun, 27 Jun 2004 02:25:06 GMT

If you can consume a web service than you are 98% there.  Just add a web
method that will update a database.  You can do this through a command
object and a connection object (or a dataadapter depending on the udpate
scenario).  I'm going to assume that you can manage this part. If you need
to add any Parameter objects for the Command Object,you'll need to pass
those into the method in all likelihood.  Anyway, all you'll do is invoke
the WS, passing in whatever it needs in the way of parameters.  If you pass
in a DataSet for instance, as long as you have a dataadapter that's
configured properly it you can call update on the adapter and it will
examine the rowstate of each row and fire the corresponding
update/delete/insert command and use the columnmappings to build the
parameter collection.  Again the main challenge is in building the WS to do
the update and this isn't a Compact Framework issue at all.  After that's
built, just create your proxy/web reference to the ws and invoke it.

Let me know if you have any questions .


add data to SQL Server 2000? i've done the smartdevice walkthrough in the
msdn but then it only teaches a simple way of consuming web services such as
addition and multiplication...i've searched from google and found a .net
compact framework quickstart tutorial but it also shows only addtion and all
those calculation...thanks.


W.G. Ryan, eMVP


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   sscerepl.PublisherDatabase = "truetel";   //name of the published DB
   sscerepl.PublisherLogin = user.Text;   //credentials for the DB/PAL
(publication access list)on server
   sscerepl.PublisherPassword =password.Text;
   sscerepl.Subscriber = "SQLCE_Client";  //name of the client device
   sscerepl.SubscriberConnectionString = lconnstr; //conn string for the
local SQLCE DB

   the return error code is:
    native error: 28037
    message: a request to send data to the computer running IIS has fialed.
    for more information, see HRESULT.[,,,,,]
    Source:Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition

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