tray icon not show in pocket pc 2002 emulator

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    Hi there, has anyone come across a way of getting the Common Controls (mainly listview and textboxes) to have their scrollbar on the left side on the control rather than the right? I know that on the desktop setting the RightToLeft property will do this on some controls but this property is not supported on the CF. Thanks Mark
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    Hi, I'm working on a new technology project in my company. One of this project purpose is to send file from a Pocket PC to a .Net WebService. I managed to : -Create PocketPC application with WebService proxy thanks to DimeWrap (OpenNetCf) -Send file with this application to the .Net WebService But I don't know how to create UserNameToken to insert it in sopheader before invoking WebService. WSE allows to use RequestSoapContext and to define UserNameToken but not opennetcf library. Have you got a solution to this problem? Thanks.

tray icon not show in pocket pc 2002 emulator

Postby Eric » Thu, 13 Oct 2005 05:16:58 GMT

I have written an app that for in-house use.
I would like to add a tray icon on
buttom of the screen before dist. to users
however, when called the functions everything
work fine in pocket pc 2003 but not on pocket pc 2002.



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1.Compact Framework cab files for Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003

Hi All,

I'm a bit confused here. I'd appreciate if some body could clarify my

In the setup package I'm preparing, I'm including SP1 of CF. I've targeted
my application for ARM based processors.

For this the SP1 setup includes 2 cab files for ARM processors

1) netcf.core.ppc3.ARM
2) netcf.all.wce4.ARMV4

The first one is intended for Pocket PC2002 and 2000 devices, while the
latter one is for WM2003.
However, if I install netcf.core.ppc3.ARM to my WM2003 device, it installs
Though I do receive overwriting messages, but after pressing Yes to All, it
installs fine.

My application also executes fine.
My doubts are

1) Should I use the netcf.core.ppc3.ARM file for my WM2003 devices or do I
use the other one?

2) How come the cab file meant for WinCE3.0 devices get installed on WM2003

3) does installing netcf.Core.ppc3.ARM on WM2003 leads to any performance
issue or is it the same as with PPC2002?

Please help

2.Connecting to Internet using Pocket pc 2002 emulator to deploy to pocket pc 2002 emulator manually


I'm connecting a device to com4 and trying to access it through the
pocket PC 2002 emulator.  I found that I have to start the emulator
manually to map the com4 port to either com1, or com2.  It works fine.
The next thing I need is to test the application.  Can someone give the
instructions on how to start the emulator manually and deploy an
application on it?  I have MSVS 2003 installed if that is required.

The command I used to launch the emulator is:
"c:\program files\microsoft visual studio .net
2003\compactframeworksdk\connectionmanager\bin\emulator" /skin
"c:\program files\microsoft visual studio .net
/CEImage "c:\program files\microsoft visual studio .net
/serialport1 COM4



4.managed out of memory exception in pocket pc 2002 emulator

Hi all,

I was hoping that anyone of you here would have the answer to my question. 
My pocket pc application was up and running in both the pocket pc 2002 
emulator and the actual device itself until i added some functions which 
increase the total size of the application to 128kb. When the application was 
of 128kb, both the emulator and the actual device could not load the 
application and the emulator threw the "managed out of memory exception" 
message. What is happening exactly? Is there a limitation on the size of a 
pocket pc application? 

5.Pocket PC 2002 Emulator

Hi Tri,
  I guess you are using Visual Studio 2003 Emulator, is a 
fake IP of Emulator the emulator as it is used on VS 2003 can only send TCP 
onot receive.
 To Emulator have a real IP you need a emulator Virtual switch  driver that 
comes with EVC 4.0  SP2. and start Emulator from command Line.

Let me know if you have EVC 4.0 SP2. Them I'll send you the cmd line.

Jose Baldner [MS]

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| I tried to send some udp packets from a destop program to 
| a program in an emulator running on the samme computer and 
| another way around without luck.
| I have tried to install the loopback adapter beside my 
| real network adapter and assign an IP address to it, it 
| still doesn't work.
| Here is the codes:
| //////////////////////Destop program////////////////////
| IPEndPoint localEp = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any,1111);
| UdpClient _udpRecieve = new UdpClient(localEp);
| // is the ID address of the loopback adapter
| IPEndPoint remote = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Parse
| (""),1111);
| byte[] pdata = _udpRecieve.Receive(ref remote);
| string strData = Encoding.ASCII.GetString
| (pdata,0,pdata.Length);
| ////////////////////Emulator//////////////////////////
| IPEndPoint localEp = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any,1111);
| UdpClient _udpSend = new UdpClient(localEp);
| string data = "this is a test";
| ASCIIEncoding ascii = new ASCIIEncoding();
| byte[] pdata = ascii.GetBytes(data);
| // is the ip addr. of the real network adapter
| IPEndPoint remotEp = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Parse
| (""),1111);
| _udpSend.Send(pdata,pdata.Length,remotEp);
| Please help. Thanks
| Tri

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