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Strong naming msadomd.dll

Postby damon_flynn » Sun, 31 Aug 2003 00:31:35 GMT

I can't seem to strong name the msadomd.dll.  I admit I'm not entirely
sure I know what I'm doing, so a complete example would be great. 

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1.Strong Named Assemblies and Non Strong Named assemblies

Hi All

I have a third party .net assembly that I do not have the code for and it 
also does not have a strong name.

I want to strongly name my assemblies but I keep getting an error saying 
that the 3rd party assembly is not signed.

I have had a look at the tlbimp.exe but this looks like it only works for 
ActiveX/COM componants, NOT .Net assemblies.(Unless I am typing in the wrong 
commands....keep getting error not a valid type library)

Is there some compile switch or something that will not check on this 3rd 
party dll for a strong name?



2.Strong Naming a Non-Strong Named assembly


Yes, you can sign it later using sn.exe provided you have the private key of
the public-private key pair.

Delay Signing is something related with module based development where
individual, small teams doesn't have access to the private key for that
organisation. So they sign the AssemblyKeyFile with the public key & set the
AssemblyDelaySign = true to enable to have room for the private key to be
hashed later. Later, the resulting assembly is re-signed using the private
key using the -R switch of sn.exe.


"Gururaj" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> Hi,
> Is it possible to strong name an assembly (already existing third party
> assembly) which is not strong named and has been built with /delaysign-
> option.
> Basically my question is can one introduce a /delaysign+ attribute and use
> the sn.exe with "-R" option?
> Thanks,
> Gururaj

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4.Question about strong-name dlls

Good heavens, Diego!

> I get Security.Exception errors when I move it to the server.

That's almost as non-specific as it gets. It narrows down the possibilities 
to a single NAMESPACE.

> Someone told me to strong-name it and install in the GAC. I don't know if 
> it will solve that, but I'm trying it.


If I told you that you should slaughter a chicken and drink its blood, would 
you? Just because "somebody" tells you that you should do something doesn't 
make it right.

> I read some stuff and I create a keyFile.snk and then add the assembly 
> attribute.

Okay, now you're showing some sense. You read some stuff. That's a good 
start. My advice to you is to read some more stuff, but not about how to 
strong-name an assembly. You need to back WAY up to the exception you 
received when you moved the app to the server. THAT's where the trouble 
started. And that is where you'll find the solution to your real problem, 
which is "what caused the exception?"

Now, we can help you solve that problem, and I would be most happy to. Can 
you reproduce the exception, get a stack trace on it, and post both the 
exception message and the code that threw the exception on this board? If 
so, we can move forward to a diagnosis and solution from there.


Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP
.Net Developer
Sometimes you eat the elephant.
Sometimes the elephant eats you.

"Diego F." < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
news:%23b0x8$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I'm having security problems running a dll on a network. The dll runs ok 
> locally but I get Security.Exception errors when I move it to the server.
> Someone told me to strong-name it and install in the GAC. I don't know if 
> it will solve that, but I'm trying it.
> I read some stuff and I create a keyFile.snk and then add the assembly 
> attribute. I compile the dll and I can install it in the GAC. Should I do 
> that part in the server? The server has not installed the framework SDK. 
> Anyway, if I try to add the reference in the project, it does not add 
> anything. Doesn't give me errors at all, but it just don't add anything.
> Can you help me?

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I am working with Microsoft Configuration Application Blocks and whenever I 
create a new app and have to use it, I have to reference it and it makes a 
local copy in the bin directory.
so if i created 4 apps then there are local copies of these blocks...

I tried to use GACUtil to register these dlls but it gives me an error 
saying that its not having a strong name, i tried sn tool but unsuccessful.
I have tried to strong name a dll but the way i did it was in an app where I 
first created a strong name and then referenced it in the app before 
compiling the dll and then used GAC to register it...
but this is some external dll...

I mean is my thought process right or I am totally off base...
Please advice,

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