Using tom interface to search a RichTextBox

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Using tom interface to search a RichTextBox

Postby Just Me » Sun, 15 Aug 2004 02:38:30 GMT

I want to search a RichTextBox using a Regular Expression.

I've tried it using the tom interface but can't make it work.
That is, it works for whole words and for case but not for regular

Below is a little of the code.

Thanks for any help.

Dim IDocument As tom.ITextDocument =


If chkWholeWords.Checked Then lFlags = Flags.MatchWord

If chkMatchCase.Checked Then lFlags = lFlags Or Flags.MatchCase

If chkRegularExpressions.Checked Then lFlags = lFlags Or

Select Case aFindType


        lSearchRange = GetCtlEdit(Me).TxtRangeAll

        lintFoundPos = FindText(lSearchRange,
        cboFindStr.Text, -lSearchRange.StoryLength, lFlags)



Private Function FindText(ByRef aRange As tom.ITextRange, ByVal aFindString
As String, ByVal aCount As Integer, ByVal aFlags As Integer) As Integer

If aCount = 0 Then

    FindText = 0


    If aCount < 0 Then

        FindText = aRange.FindTextEnd(aFindString, aCount, aFlags)

        If FindText > 0 Then aRange.Start = aRange.End - FindText


        FindText = aRange.FindTextStart(aFindString, aCount, aFlags)

        If FindText > 0 Then aRange.End = aRange.Start + FindText

    End If

End If

End Function

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