Problem with Ingo's EventsEnhanced sample

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Problem with Ingo's EventsEnhanced sample

Postby Q2luZHkgTGl1 » Wed, 13 Oct 2004 03:47:08 GMT

I have downloaded Ingo's EventsEnhanced sample and did the following 
In General.cs:
1. Add a serializable class:
	public class MyClass
		public string _str;
		public string MyString{get { return _str;} set {_str=value;}}
		string _private;
		public string ReadOnly{get {return _str;}}
2. Modified the delegate to:
	public delegate void MessageArrivedHandler(String msg,MyClass oClass);

In Server.cs:
Modified SafeInvokeEvent to print out MyClass.MyString.

I have no problem to run the modified samples on my Windows 2003 Server box. 

However, after I add the strong name for General.dll (I haven't put it in 
GAC and didn't change any configuation files either), I ran server.exe, no 
problem. Then ran EventListener.exe, no problem. Then ran EventInitiator.exe, 
no problem with itself, but the server.exe console showed 

"Number of Listeners: 1. Exception occured, will remove Delegate. Because of 
security restrictions, the type General.MyClass cannot be accessed. InnerErr: 
Request failed." 

I modified his code to print out error message and inner error message. 
Anybody has idea why?
Thanks in advance!!!

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Make sure that the server.dll is copied in the clients bin directory as 


In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, 
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> Hi there everyone,
> Has anyone downloaded and been able to get Ingo's code in the last part of
> chapter 6 of his book "Advanced .NET Remoting" to work?
> I am having an exception problem in the EventListener class (p.194).
> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File or assembly name Server, or one of its
> dependencies, was not found.   This is the same error as was given in the
> previous example, and was supposed to be solved in the revised code.
> I have changed all the mains(string[] args) to public constructors because I
> am running the classes inside another class. One VS.NET C# solution for the
> server and one for the client.  I also have all the ports set to
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> James

3.Race condition in Ingo's Transport Sink

First of all, I think Ingo Rammer's book, "Advanced .NET Remoting" is
an invaluable resource for making your own custom channel sinks (and
understanding the real problems of .NET Remoting in general).

Looking at the synchronous request logic for the SMTP example
transport sink, though, I think I see a possible race condition.

// send the message
out ID);

// ((( response could come before we get into Wait... )))

// wait for the response
POP3Msg popmsg = SMTPHelper.WaitAndGetResponseMessage(ID);

...if you follow those on down, you'll see that
WaitAndGetResponseMessage() does a
Thread.GetCurrentThread().Suspend(), and a fn called MessageReceived()
does a Resume() on that thread

The race (inasmuch as there can be a race with an e-mail transport) is
between the sender getting to the Suspend() and the response coming
back.  If the response comes back before the waiter gets into
Suspend(), then the Resume() will throw (and the requesting thread
will hang for ever once it *does* get to Suspend()).

While this probably never happens in his SMTP sink, it could very well
happen in a custom channel where the response can come back very

Some moderate rearranging would have to be done to plug that gap.

4.Ingo's RemotingHelper

I was really excited to see Ingo's RemotingHelper class. 
It allowed me to use RemotingConfiguration with interfaces
and do away with my own configuration (almost).

RemotingConfiguration (understandably) does not allow the

         <channel ref="tcp" port="0" />
            type="RemotingHelperDemo.ICompute, DemoInterfaces"

I'm thinking about adding RemotingConfiguration
functionality to RemotingHelper (e.g. a Configure method
that would know how to handle above config file).  Then I
could implement another GetObject with the following signature;

public static Object GetObject( string uri )

One would have to make certain decisions, like what would
this do given the above config file;

RemotingHelper.GetObject( typeof( ICompute ) );

You could have it throw an exception since typeof( ICompute
) doesn't uniquely identify a remote object, or you could
return the first/last one.

I dunno...

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