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  • 1. Office Web Services Toolkit No Results From Search
    I'm having problems similar to the Peter on getting the toolkit to process my WSDL file. It just does nothing. It complains when it does not find the file, but the "Search" never gives back any results. I do not have the import complexity that Peter had. I have tried to verify that it is a valid WSDL file by using XmlSpy. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • 2. <Protocols> (Web.config) setting for WebService
    Hi, I have a webservice at root folder <Root> and have webservices at child folders <ChildA>, <ChildB> etc... If i comment out the <Protocols> tag itself (note its not the elements HttpGet,HttpPost,SOAP) in Root Folder's web.config but not in the Child folders' web.config files, does it have an impact on applications making use of the webservices in Child folders? Does the web.config setting at root have any cascading impact on subfolder web.config settings even though sub folders still have <Protocols> tag enabled for HttpPost and HttpGet? Any comments will be appreciated. thanks Anand
  • 3. The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request.
    I have a WebService build on a Java Environment which I tried to use. When I add a reference in VisualStudio 2003 I get the error "The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request." Even when I uses the command line wsdl.exe <URL> I get this error message. Now, I tried the same with VisualStudio 2005 and there it works fine. I already encountered interoperability issues with the .NET FW 1.1 which have been removed with Framework 2.0. Does anyone know how I can make the stuff working in Framework 1.1?

How to use REST with webservice in

Postby jain.mca » Wed, 12 Apr 2006 13:31:37 GMT

Hi Friends..
 i m getting a problem how to use REST in webservice which is developed
 i have created a simple webservice but bydefault it used soap.
 but my boss wants create it used by REST...

plz help me and if any one have a sample code then send me also


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namespace x
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        public class Class2
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        public class Class3
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            public Class1 c1;
            public Class2 c2;

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the service using HTTP not HTTPS, so I'm not sure if they accessed it
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     <add name="HttpGet"/>
     <add name="HttpPost"/>

This then breaks access for my existing site.   What have I done

I thought perhaps it was because I need to state the SOAP protocol so
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 I bet its something silly, but as I'm not very familiar with web
services I am stuck!  Any suggestions?


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