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3rd Tier data not displaying in Data Adapter Preview

Postby V2hpc2t5Um9tZW8 » Wed, 22 Jun 2005 04:49:05 GMT

I have a dataset consisting of 3 tables:  tableA is the parent of tblB who is 
the parent of tblC.  They each have a SQL data adapter that fills them with 
the correct data.  However, I cannot get the data from tblC to display in the 
ultrawingrid.  For reasons I explain in the 3rd para. below, this appears not 
to be an issue with the grid.

In design the grid shows each band correctly.  When I run the form and fill 
the grid, I get no complaint of failing to enable the constraints.  Bands 0 & 
1 show data but Band 2 does not.

When I preview the data using the data adapters, I fill each data table in 
the correct order, and, again, I get no errors and the data in tableC shows 
up.  In the Data tables list of the Data Adapter Preview window, I can click 
on each table and see the data in them.  An alternate way to view the data in 
child tables, is to click on the + in each row of the parent table which will 
show the relationship link.  Clicking on the link shows the related rows in 
the child table.  This work fine for tableA; however, for tableB clicking on 
the link shows no rows from tableC even though clicking on tableC shows 
there is data there.

(PkgID is the PK of tableA)

(PkgID, MktName, ProdLab, ProdSTD is PK of tableB)
(the relationship from tableA to tableB is PkgID (PK) PkgID (FK))

(PkgID, MktName, ProdLab, ProdSTD, ModID is PK of tableC)
(for the relationship between tableB and tableC -- each of the 1st four 
columns are mapped to the corresponding column in tableC)

For each relationship, reate foreign key constraint onlyis not checked 
and all the values for the rules are set to default.

Here are examples of actual data in order of tableA, tableB, tableC:

PkgID  -- PkgName 

PkgID MktName ProdLab rodSTD Qty DivideQty 
95 GRAD 5x7 20 2 1 

PkgID MktName ProdLab rodSTD ModID
95-GRAD- 5x7-20-BW

If anyone sees any problem with this, your help is appreciated.


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        dr.Item(2) = TB3.Text
        dr.Item(3) = Val(TB4.Text)
        dr.Item(4) = TB5.Text
        DA.Update(DataSet11, "Table1")
        MsgBox("data is saved")
        rno = 0
        call filldata()

filldata function consists of the following

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         TB2.Text = Trim(.Item(1))
         TB3.Text = Trim(.Item(2))
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