Layer disappears when pasting text



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Layer disappears when pasting text

Postby clearsight1 » Fri, 28 Jul 2006 12:02:49 GMT

When I paste text that I copied from Word into a DW layer it looks great. When 
I save the page and 
 reopen it the layer is gone and the text is reformatted. What's interesting is 
the layer does not show 
 up in the layers pallet but I still see mention of it in the code.
 How do I get the layer to stay?

Re: Layer disappears when pasting text

Postby Murray *ACE* » Fri, 28 Jul 2006 21:42:08 GMT

Show me the page before you paste the copy into it, please.

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Thanks Jean_Guy

That was the first thing I thought too, but the font is black on a white 
To double check, I tried to pasted it into a .doc and it pasted fine.

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I just noiticed that when I do that, most of the options, on the standard 
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More help is needed to figure out how to simply paste the headers in a cell, 
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curson in it.

Thanks, Bob 

"pinmaster" wrote:

> Hi,
> Probably white font on white background........try changing the font color.
> Hope this helps!
> Jean-Guy
> "sunslight" wrote:
> > I copy from a web page, part of a document that has section headers, plain 
> > text, hyperlink text.
> > 
> > I paste it into Excel--just a straight paste with the mouse.  I'm not using 
> > the "Edit | Special" because I want to preserve the hyperlinks.
> > 
> > It all seems to be there, except for the seciton headers.
> > 
> > The rows that they are on are there, but nothing is visible.
> > 
> > However, if I move my mouse into the cell and dbl click, the text appears. 
> > Move it out of the cell and it's gone.
> > 
> > It's a neat trick, but not very useful if I don't know how to control it.
> > 
> > What I want is to have the headers show up, just like the rest of the 
> > document.
> > 
> > (btw) it copies fine into Word.
> > 
> > Ideas?

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