Netscape flash load problem.



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Netscape flash load problem.

Postby msd2167 » Sat, 22 May 2004 02:49:14 GMT

I'm having a problem with Netscape viewing a Flash file (photo slide show) on a 
web site I'v been working on.
 First, I'm having no problems at all with IE6 viewing the flash file. When IE6 
user went to the site, it would tell them that they would have to update flash 
to 7 to view the site and automaticly redirected them the flash download and 
installed it . whoever with netscape users, no mention of needing to update 
flash player is brought up.
 This is all do to a Flash file that I rescently put on the website, its a 
photo slide show that was made in DW MX 2004, using the Flash component to make 
a photo slide show with image viewer.
 In netscape all the other flash files work with the exception of the photo 
slide show.

 I have noticed that when I went to download a updated Flash player (7) for 
netscape, I now see that the white box has disapeard and sometimes the photo 
slide show will load and other times it wont.
 I don't know if there is something I'm missing in the code or if it is a totel 
netscape issue.
 I would appreciate it if someone could look at the site and let me know what 
you make of it.
 Thanks for all your help.

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