is there someone having 2812's UCOS SOURCE CODE?

Digital Signal Processing

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  • 1. Commercial Audio Codec Conversion Required
    Hi I am carrying out some research work into the viability of automatic conversion of audio (various formats) into a range of codecs. It needs to be able to produce professional quality conversions using a range of (user definied) sampling rates. I would like to talk to people or companies who carry out this type of work and who can integrate this type of software with third party hardware and software. I would envisage that the type of software I have in mind will be in use by radio stations and commercial studios to transfer music to hard drives. I have been searching online for a while but there's a high signal to noise ratio when looking for this info on the web. While I know that there is probably a perfect newsgroup for this I have been following the threads in here and it seems like my requirement will overlap with the expertise of the people present. Any and all help is much appreciated. TIA Roger (please email me at "now at rogerdennis dot com(no spam)" . Obviously just delete the characters "(no spam)." )
  • 2. tdm
    hi friends I'm building a project in which there are 4 channel RS422 data,20 DIPS and one audio channel data coming continously.i.e. I have two seperate mux/dmux unit. 1 unit mux unit is connected to dmux of other side & vice versa.Both unit seperated by distance sends data continuously. RS422= 1920bytes/sec/channel DIPS= 800bytes/sec Audio= 8Kbytes/sec Total frame size is 64 bits excluding HDLC frame tags.We are using HDLC protocol for framing and error detection.How i mux & dmux data at a same time so that data can not be missed(bandwidth?).I am using TDM multiplexing. Audio signal is uses for telephonic conversetion.Can i implement mux/dmux in single FPGA or two FPGA(because data is full duplex.. continuous) Please give me some idea how to multiplex all these data sumit
  • 3. Mirror Image of Magnitude Response
    I have a real impulse response h of an FIR filter, and its frequency response H is pure imaginary (if I rotate h to left by half of its length). I want the impulse response of a filter whose magnitude response is 1-Abs[H]. Is it possible to do this with some trick on h? Regards, Ishtiaq.
  • 4. Writing wav to TI VC5416 DSK
    I have tried to use rtdx to transfer data from pc to dsp. Is this best way to transfer wav file? Can I transfer whole file or how? I can read riff header in pc, but I want to simulate real system (dsp + memory) as so much as I can with this DSK (memory limit,...).

is there someone having 2812's UCOS SOURCE CODE?

Postby Wenhui Pan » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 19:29:33 GMT

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2.Is "hamming code" a channel or source coding?


I was asked to do some research on this "hamming code" and compare its
efficiency with huffman coding? But i remember from my class and
book, hamming code is some kind of error correction channel coding
As I right? if yes, how can I compare the efficiency of a channel
coding to source coding? I have already thrown away all my knowledge
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3.ADC using 2812

I am trying to setup a 2812 to take A to D readings. I have the ADC
setup for 10 readings (MAXCONV=9), cascaded sequencer, continuous run,
and to branch to the ADC interrupt at the EOS (end of sequence). When
the program branches to the interrupt routine, I read and store the
result registers to variables. My problem is that the result registers
never change their value even when I vary the applied signal between 0V
and 3V. Any suggestions? Also, I have the ADC set to suspend mode0
where an emulation suspend is ignored (i.e. the ADC continues to sample
even when I hit a breakpoint?). Would this have anything to do with it?

4.flash and external ram timing on TI 2812

Hello !
Would someone be able to explain me how to calculate the execution time o
NOP instruction when it is executed into flash and into external ram of 
TI 2812?
Is it normal to have a time more important (2*) into ram than into flas
Is it normal to see that a change into the configuration of XINTF doesn'

change the execution time ?
Thanks a lot for your answers 

5.What not to do? TI - 2812 - FLASH

Hi all,

This is regarding flashing a code in 2812 processor from TI. I tried
flashing a sample code from spectrum digital using the SDFlash
utility. I was able to flash it a couple of times, but after that it
was consistently showing errors in flashing. Actually the probelm was
with locking and unlocking the device using CSM.

The important point to be noted as far as flashing is concerned is
that the device has to be reset once ( soft reset thru the SDFlash
utility ) and then flashed, but not the reverse. In case u accidently
reset the device after flashing, it places 0000 in all the password
locations and locks the device permanently and after that ur device
cannot be debugged or reprogrammed. In case u r using an eZDSP kit
from spectrum digital, u can download ur code through JTAG and
continue working with onchip and off chip RAM, but secure RAM
locations and FLASH memory cannot be touched. More information on the
CSM can be obtained from the TI user guide SPRU078A.

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