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  • 1. Outlook shift delete
    hello. a user deleted all his inbox items using shift + delete. How can I recover this items without accesing the exchange server? (I don't have access to it). I used to do it adding this value to the registry but it is not working any more: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Client\Options] "DumpsterAlwaysOn"=dword:00000001 thanks
  • 2. Auto Accept Agent - Denied on Recurring Meeting Request
    I have a front-end/back-end system running Exchange 2003 SP2. I installed the Auto Accept agent before upgrading to SP2. When I go to setup a recurring meeting for a Conference room. I get the following message: "Conference Room Name" has declined your meeting because it is recurring. You must book each meeting separately with this resource" Can someone help me out with this. It was working before SP2 upgrade. Thanks.
  • 3. 2000SBS suddenly out of service
    POP3 telnet is okay but can't get the email, local can't logon by Outlook client. Console can't logon (logged but no responder afterward), SMTP seems no respond on receive email. OWA down (error404)... by following the error below LsaSrv Devices 5000 The security package Negotiate generated an exception. The package is now disable. The exception information is the data. & Userenv None 1000 Windows cannot establish a connect to mydomain.local with (1346) Power-cycled the server seems fall back to normal. But I will happen again after few hours. This is Xeon 3GHz/800/1ML2, 2048MB RAM, c: 5GB free, e: 97GB free, SBS 2000 Windows 2k SP4, Exchange 2k SP3 (with Jun-04 patch) -david
    Hi, my problem is tt I can't reply my msgs on OWA, I can read them but when I choose to reply it the msg body dissapear and only shows a white square with a red X inside of it, like a blocked thing. This occurs with all the msgs and only when I try to reply them, I have Windows XP with SP2, I dissactived the firewall and the popups blocker and set up the IE configuration the default values but even thought I set up lower values I can't see the body of the msg and I can't write any text when I choose to reply a msg. Hope someone can assist me on this issue. Tks in advance for your prompt reply. Rgds


Postby Wayne » Thu, 05 Feb 2004 13:51:28 GMT

Is there any way to limit who a user can send to? I need 
to limit certain users to sending to only a few other 
specific users. I know I can adjust who you can recieve 
from but I was hoping there was another way around it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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1.Size restrictions in SBS 2003 (Exchange 2003 & SQL 2000)

Does any know if there are any size restrictions applied 
to the SQL databases or Exchange Databases ?

I seem to remember in 4.0 or 4.5 that a 10GB limit was 

Nothing seems to be mentioned on the MS Web Site.



2.odd behavior with mapi restriction on exchange

I have an Outlook plug-in that analyzes messages when they arrive and, 
depending on the results, adds a named mapi property to the message. When I 
access this message using Outlook Spy, I can verify the property is on the 
message. I can also see the message when I call GetContentsTable() with no 
restriction. But when I use a fairly simple restriction to access the data, 
I see the row that corresponds to the message but the property comes back 
with a code MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND.

I know that Exchange creates a cached table on the server for restrictions 
and updates them whenever a message changes. Are there any known problems 
related to these cached tables and named properties? Can anyone point me in 
a direction of how to debug this problem?



3.Exchange 2007 Message size restrictions

In order to avoid further disruption to our Exchange service caused recently 
by an excessively large email stuck in an E2k7-E2k routing group connector 
(as global settings had been set to unlimited), we have made the following 

Reduce the global message size setting from 鈥楿nlimited鈥?to 200MB
Reduce the message size setting on Receive connectors to 200MB
For internal mail, set 鈥楳axMessageSize鈥?to 50MB on all AD Site links (and 
E2k7-E2k Routing Group connector 鈥?whilst we are in co-existence with E2k)
Set an override on Executive mailboxes to 鈥榰nlimited鈥?

My questions are:

a.	Will the unlimited setting on the Executive mailboxes override the other 
AD site link settings (50MB), thus allowing email transmission from those 
b.	Will the AD site link settings (50MB) override the upper level global 
setting of 200MB, thus prohibiting users to s>nd >50MB internal emails?

Mnay thanks.

4.Message Size Restriction per Mailbox

We are using Exchange 2007. I have set a limit of 10MB at transport level 
(i.e., with command "Set-TransportConfig -MaxSendSize 10MB" and 
"Set-TransportConfig -MaxReceiveSize 10MB").

What will happen if I try to send a file of >10MB?  Will this restrict all 
the users from sending mails of >10MB?

How can I set a limit on all the Mailboxes at once OR how can I set a 
default message size restrictions for all the new mailboxes created?

Thanks in Advance,

5.Exchange 2003 Message Restrictions

In each user's profile in AD for Exchange, there is the Delivery
Restrictions settings - primarily regarding Accept Messages - From
authenticated users only.

My question - does the AUTHENTICATED users ONLY indicate users of the same
AD domain?  So anyone who is not part of AD of that domain can not send mail
to that user?  Please clarify.


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