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    I have a Win2k3 SBS server (SP1) that crashed recently and had to be rebuilt. Everything went well with the Private info store but I can't get the public back. I am using backups created with BackupExec. When I attempt to restore I have to redirect to the rebuilt server, which worked for the rest of the data and stuff so no problems there I would think. The errors I get are access denied errors. I went in aqnd renamed the pub store files and remounted it to create a completely blank store. I re-created the target folder and did a test restore of a bunch of contacts. The restore was successful but the log message was as follows: Restored 3 mail message(s) in 0 folder(s) in 0 mailbox(es) Processed 42,170 bytes in 3 seconds. Throughput rate: 0.804 MB/min What happened to the files? I have also tried redirecting to an actual mailbox and the same thing happens. Can anyone tell me what this is about and what am I missing? TIA Jack

Outlook password rejected

Postby Matt Maggio » Thu, 25 Sep 2003 05:56:08 GMT

I have one user who's Outlook 2002 password is being rejected by the
Exchange 2000.  I know the event that caused this problem, but I'm not sure
how to fix it.  Here's where the problem started.  I allowed this person to
check one of his employees email via OWA.  He was logged into his XP machine
as himself.  When he put in this other users name and password in to OWA he
checked the box to "remember password", it connected fine and he was able to
view the employees email, but now when he try's to open his Outlook, it
prompts for a password.  It rejects the valid password. If I connect to OWA
from a different PC as the user that's having problem, it opens with no
problem.  So I know the password is valid.  I tried clearing out passwords
in IE, but that did not help.  It's as though this client PC has stored this
password, but I'm not sure where or how to clear it.  Tried changing both
users passwords, but that didn't work either.  Thanks in advance for your


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