Exchange NTBackup 1018 Error!!!

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    Hallo I've defragmented the priv.edb file and now it's smaller than before. Otherwise the file .stm is still very big. Is it possibile to defragment this file to reduce it ? Thanks to all
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    We recently got a new exchange 2000 server and have been running it in combination with the old server for the past week. Today I took the old server offline and switched the IP addresses. NOW I CAN'T SEND ANY OUTBOUND MAIL! Inbound and internal mail work great but whenever I try to send mail outside our company it gets stuck in the categorizer on "Submitted to categorizer". The IPs are correct when I ping them! What could be causing this? Please Help! Our company's email has been down since 3:00PM. Any help is appreciated.
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    Hi, I was reading an article on relaying and came across a section in SMTP connectors. It suggests that you can or cannot use an SMTP connector with E2K. What exactly is an SMTP connector ? In what case would you want to use one and when should I not use one ? NOTE: Im in the process of getting exchange running. I setup an MX record with my domain host but am having problems getting domain mail to appear on the internal server. Thanks for any advice. Scott.

Exchange NTBackup 1018 Error!!!

Postby Unlhbg » Sat, 10 Jan 2004 06:36:17 GMT

I keep running into a 1018 error halfway through my online exchange database backup.  I already have been told by many this is a hardware related problem.  I have no server vendor to talk to.  The last IT before me built this machine.  What I need to know is How to do an offline backup??  I first stop the IIS service correct??  What directories do I need to back up??

Any help would be appreciated...


Re: Exchange NTBackup 1018 Error!!!

Postby Isaac Carter [MSFT] » Sat, 10 Jan 2004 08:08:57 GMT


The advice you have been given is correct. You can do an Off-Line back-up,
by stopping the System Attendant and copying the Priv.edb, Priv.stm, Pub.edb
and Pub.stm for each of your Mail and Public Folder databases. Unless you
are thinking of moving to new hardware, you will need someone to do some
type of check on that box to find and correct the hardware issue.

Isaac B. Carter MCSE
Microsoft Exchange Support

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database backup.  I already have been told by many this is a hardware
related problem.  I have no server vendor to talk to.  The last IT before me
built this machine.  What I need to know is How to do an offline backup??  I
first stop the IIS service correct??  What directories do I need to back

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persists then please restore the database from a previous backup.  This 
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Exchange is running smoothly and all of my user's emails seem to be coming 
in and going out.  I just cannot backup the emails.  Everything that I have 
read says that I cannot just ignore this problem.  My first question is.
1.  Even if I run the eseutil.exe and repair my database.  Am I really at 
the point where I need to start preparing for the worst?  From what I read 
about this problem I really need to restore a backup of the database to 
correct the problem.  EseUtil.exe is the last option.  I guess what I am 
trying to say is this the beginning of the end of my exchange server?  I am 
guessing that more problems are going to happen.  I have my users running on 
Cashed Exchange mode on their Outlook 2003 emails.  I beleive this protects 
there emails if the exchange server does not come back online because Outlook 
2003 copies the emails to the users hard drive as well as the Ex. server.  
(Please advise if I need to create .pst files just in case)  

Now it looks like the only option I have it to run the eseutil.exe program 
because I don't have a good backup. I need a step by step instruction on how 
to do this and the correct switchs to use if anyone can.  I assume I will 
need to run the isinteg.exe also.  (Please let me know how to determine the 
size of the Exchange database so I can plan for down time.)

2.  I also read that the problem might be a hardware failure or firmware 
problem.  The firmware for the Raid controller is up to date.  The Bios to 
the server is not up to date.  At one time I had to reboot the server and a 
checkdisk started on drive c: when the server came back up.  The C: drive is 
made up of two 75GB mirrored hard drives.  If there was a problem with the 
hard drives the other would take over so that makes me think that the problem 
is not hardware.  

Anyway if anyone can help that would be great.  Sorry for the long post.
Allen Wadsworth

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