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  • 1. Help with auto Archive not working
    Hi: Hoping someone can help with this..... We have several Outlook clients connected to an Exchange 2000 server. I'd like to have particular folders delete old mail based on how old the mail is. This requirement appears to be met by the 'Auto Archive - Delete files permanently' feature, but it doesn't work. Any suggestions on why? In the AutoArchive tab, I get a message that the administrator hasn't set retention polices - would that be the problem? Thanks for any tips. -- Dab Cut off: yourhead to respond
  • 2. Exmon remotely?
    Anyway to run Exmon remotely (i.e. not on the Exchange box) and "point" it at Exchange?
  • 3. Strange relay issue
    Hi, We got a exchange 2003 sp1 set up on our server, last year i added a new email domain to it( next to the 2 domains we already hosted ) , and people are able to contact us from the outside on that domain by using that domain emailaddres.. Now we have an issue with using those same adresses internally. We got some new printers that have a scan-email function and it uses the ldap adress list. In those list email adress is XXXX@XXXXX.COM ( from the newly added domain ) , but it gets an error, but to be able to see it i configured my laptop to the same ip and set up an smtp session manually. When i enter the rcpt to: XXXX@XXXXX.COM i get an unable to relay for XXXX@XXXXX.COM . If i use the same command from a mailsender outside our network the mail gets delivered. We have also 2 other domain names on which we receive mail, on those domains if i smtp internally all goes well. Ive checked the recipient policies, the look fine ( should be otherwise mail form external woudnt be delivered ). Only thing that comes to mind to me is run sp2, but i dont think thats the fix. Any1 got a clue were to look? Thx in advance Gerry
  • 4. Move queued mails between servers
    Is possible to move the queued mails located in the "local delivery" queue of an exchange 2003 server to the "local delivery" queue of another server of the same Exchange organitzacion? I want to do this because our E2k3 server that receives the mails (it re-send them to the other E2k3 servers of the organization) has crashed. I have configured another server to do this task (it is working well) but I don't know how to recover/delivery the messages queued in the crashed server. Please, any help will be apreciated.

Envelope Jornaling - Exchange Server2003

Postby cGhpbHQ » Tue, 28 Aug 2007 13:08:00 GMT

Hi All,

I have enabled Envelope journaling for my organisation. All journaling seems 
to be working BUT I am not seeing the envelope data for Distribution List 
expansion.  What is my problem?, what can I check?

Thanks in advanced,

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