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  • 1. how to setup attachment limitation on outgoing email
    Hi, I want to set the attachment limit to 2MB on outgoing email. I was thinking to configure the "sending message size" to 2048 KB by going to Global setting -> Message Delivery. Please correct me if I am wrong, I assume it is the total size of email and attachment. What about if the user has long email and has 1.8 MB then it will not send it because over 2MB limitation. Is there different way I can implement it? Should I do global setting or system ploicy limit? I will appreciated your help or hints. Thank you in advance, John Chow
  • 2. Outlook unable to connect to Exchange
    We recently migrated our SBS2k Exchange to a new exch'03 server. Everything is being controlled by the '03 server and all exchange services have been turned off on the SBS2k machine. When we turn off the SBS server, no one is able to connect to the '03 mail server. Suggestions?
  • 3. RUS not working
    Getting the following error in event log on Exchange 2003: Event Type: Error Event Source: MSExchangeAL Event Category: Service Controller Event ID: 8231 Description: Permanent failure reported by policy group provider for 'CN=Recipient Policies,CN=Name,CN=MicrosoftExchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=Name,DC=com':'MAD.EXE', error=8000ffff. Taking provider offline. We're not using any foreign address type. Just the default smtp and x.400. Have tried to follow the troubleshooting steps in MS kb articles with no luck. Anyone have any bright ideas?
  • 4. mailboxes for multiple domains
    I'm trying to set up several of my users to be able to receive email addressed to either of our two domains. The element that I don't get is how the user can tell to which address the email message was sent, XXXX@XXXXX.COM or XXXX@XXXXX.COM . I have already added the second domain's SMTP to a test account, and can receive mail sent to XXXX@XXXXX.COM just fine, but I need to see that that is the case. Any help is greatly appreciated.

SMTP Mailbox Messages

Postby RGF2aWQgSw » Fri, 19 Nov 2004 23:31:06 GMT


Running Veritas Backup Exec 9.1. in Server 2003 environment with one 
Exchange 2003 server.  Upon mailbox backup the job fails because of a message 
that is in an SMTP TempTable for the SMTP mailbox listed in the Exchange 
Manager.  Here is the exact message.

Access denied to file SMTP (LEFFMAIL-{111E7644-1824-4717-BA97-4346202AF7D4}) 
Please Do Not Delete.

Here is the other message:

The item \\LEFFMAIL\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\SMTP 
(LEFFMAIL-{111E7644-1824-4717-BA97-4346202AF7D4}) [connections/cn=smtp 
Please Do Not Delete in use - skipped.

It almost appears that this particular message is stuck.  Is there a way for 
me to connect to the mailbox in question and remove the messages?


David K.


Re: SMTP Mailbox Messages

Postby Ben Winzenz [Exchange MVP] » Sat, 20 Nov 2004 00:43:33 GMT

You can try using OWA or MDBVU32 to connect to the mailbox in question and 
delete the message.  The bigger question is why you are doing mailbox-level 
backups, though.  What does it gain you that isn't already native 
functionality?  You are at least also doing Full Online backups too, right? 
You know that you can't perform a full server restore from a mailbox-level 

Ben Winzenz
Exchange MVP

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1.Handeling Multiple SMTP Email Messages via one Exchange Mailbox


Ok, here is the situation I have. I have one W3K server running Exchange 
server 2003. I have 4 Internet domains (4 separate companies, housed in the 
same building) that I need to receive email from. Currently these are on a 
UNIX server in a co-lo, with people connecting to these accounts via IMAP or 
POP3 with their Outlook 2003 clients.

I have setup a little Linux box in a DMZ running Postfix, and have 
configured it to accept only email for the four domains I need, i.e.,,, This bastion host/front end server is 
happily sitting there and receiving email and forwarding it onto the Exchange 
server on the Intranet. (The Exchange server has it's own internal private 
domain name that has nothing to do with the Internet) The Exchange server 
happily receives this email, and delivers this email to the mailbox's it's 
supposed to as I have configured the default recipient policy with these 
domain names, naming one of them as the default (

Ok, so far so good. Now, when a user connects to the Exchange server using 
his "Exchange" profile (as opposed to the one they are using for IMAP/POP3 
access) so they can use common calendaring, tasks, etc they see this email in 
their mailbox. Now comes the part that I need help with in understanding, and 
hopefully coming to a resolution.

When you open an email in this profile, you see the senders name in From:, 
but no matter what email domain the message was sent to, the To: address is 
the local Active Directory name, not the email address ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) it was 
originally sent to. This poses a problem as these users need to know what 
company this email was sent to, and they need to reply to that email and have 
it sent out with the From: address from that company/domains address.

Outlook 2003 does this just fine in it's non-exchange profile of course, but 
I can't seem to figure out how to get this accomplished in an Exchange 
profile. Another reason I would like to do this is so people can access their 
email box, with email from all 4 domains, from OWA.

I have been looking thorough these support forums for a day now and have not 
run across an answer to this, yet. Could someone please point me to a 
relevant article, or provide me with the (I'm sure) simple answer I am 


2.SMTP sink to create mailbox folder and move message

Can anyone give me some VB or VBSCRIPT example code to create a folde
in a mailbox and move a message to the folder using an SMTP OnArriva
sink when the message arrives 

I don't have any problem idetifying the message to be moved using th
Fields collection of the message.  I am kinda stumped on how t
programaticaly get from the message to the users mailbox, create th
folder, and then move the message to the folder

I am using this for a SPAM filter application that has modified th
header of the message

I only know VB so C++ code doesn't help

Any help would be appreciated

3.messages stuck in the"SMTP mailbox store" queue

I have an SBS 2003 server that cannot send or recieve email. I have confirmed 
that SMTP is working properly and there are no issues with the firewall. I 
can send messages using the SMTP server, if the message does not orginate 
from an Exchange mailbox. Messages appear to come in and go out using message 
tracking, but the local mailboxes never get them and the external recipients 
never recieve them. There are about 9 or so  messages stuck in the"SMTP 
mailbox store" queue, which is strange because there are no Non-Exchange 
severs in our site. In fact the SBS server is the only server period. There 
are also no event errors or warnings.

4.Message transferred to smtp through SMTP

Some emails from a specific user don't get delivered to the recepient.
No NDR received. No specific emails, and no specific recepinet.
Sometimes email send fails, and then the same day email sent to the
same recipient goes through. No messages in the queue.
In "message tracking center" the messages that don't go through say
this in the last line:"Message transferred to smtp through SMPT" the
ones that go thfough say "Message transferred to 'receiving server
name' through SMPT.

Does anybody knows more about the meaning of message that says
"Message transferred to smtp through SMPT" instead the one that
acctualy lists the server name instead of first smtp in the message?

Thank you.

5.Exchange SMTP Problem from other servers trying to route SMTP messages


For the last couple of weeks our MS Exchange 2000 server does not appear to
accept requests from other servers to route SMTP messages through it.

We have a couople of servers that are set to send SMTP notification messages
to the exchange server, for instance messages from our backup agent saying
that the backup has been succesful etc. These worked fine until the server
was rebooted two weeks ago. I have looked through the log files and cannot
see any errors.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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