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Exporting DL membership (SMTP addresses) - Exchange 5.5

Postby TWF0dCBUaG9ybnRvbg » Tue, 10 Feb 2004 19:41:05 GMT

Hi everyone,
I could really do with some help on the following Exchange 5.5 problem; it seems easy enough but it really has me stumped! Any help would be most appreciated:

I wish to export the membership of a few hundred DLs to a .csv file. Unfortunately though the export lists the DL members in DN format - I really require this to be the SMTP address of each member (I am only interested in the Custom Recipients in each of these DLs).

I have tried approaching the problem from another angle - ie exporting the recipients and then I can use the Membership field to see which DL they belong to. Unfortunately though, when I export Custom Recipients, there is no DL Membership field.  Using the Header.exe tool I cant seem to find a Membership field for Custom Recipients.

It seems like this should be an easy thing to do! Am I missing something obvious?

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