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New user can't use Outlook after Active Directory Migration

Postby Max C. » Fri, 02 Jun 2006 23:38:16 GMT

We recently upgraded our NT 4 PDC to Server 2003.  We're running AD in
Interim mode.  On the network we have an Exchange 5.5 server running on
Windows 2000 Server.  All of the users imported from the old NT domain
are working fine on the Exchange server, but any new users I create
don't have authority to log in to Outlook.

I have tried creating users in AD and linking the account in Exchange.
I have also tried creating users with the old user manager directly on
the Exchange server which initiates the Exchange user setup dialog box.
 In both cases, the new user still can't use Outlook.  The user can
log on to the AD domain, but when the user tries to open Outlook, they
get an Outlook login screen.  If they type in their credentials, they
are denied access.  If I type in admin credentials, the user can gain
access to their Outlook folders with no problems.

Any idea what could be causing this?  I thought that with Interim mode
the AD domain controller would simulate the SAM database for
authentication.  :-/

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Re: New user can't use Outlook after Active Directory Migration

Postby Nuevo » Sat, 03 Jun 2006 06:47:33 GMT

Can you provide some more detail on what is happening when you create a new 
account. You create a mailbox in 55 and associate it with an AD account 
without any problems? Can you send mail to the new mailbox?


Re: New user can't use Outlook after Active Directory Migration

Postby Max C. » Sun, 04 Jun 2006 03:34:48 GMT

Everything is happening that I would expect to happen.  The Exchange
5.5 account links to the newly created account just fine.  I can send
mail to the new account.  The user can even access her account if she
opens Outlook and I supply admin credentials.  She just can't access
her account with her credentials.  My gut feeling is that it has to do
with some sort of security level, but I don't even know where to start


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looks fine.


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Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.




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created in exchange server 2000, the mailbox do not appear in Exchange
system manager.
I've applied SP1, SP2, SP3 but it still dont work.
I've upgraded Exchange server to Exchange server 2003 but nothing changed.

Thanks for your help.


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5.Outlook Mobile Access options not showing in Active Directory User

I have a problem regarding Outlook Mobile Access. We have recently (within 
the past 6 months), upgraded from SBS 2000 to Windows 2003 Standard 
w/Exchange 2003. The OMA options are not showing up in AD Users and 
Computers. Our update was performed as follows:

-We installed Windows 2003 Standard on a new server and promoted it to DC. 
We replicated the user accounts from the old SBS box. 
-A second Windows 2003 Standard server was built, then promoted to DC as 
well. This box was built for Exchange Server.
-Exchange 2003 was installed and exisiting SBS Exchange user accounts were 
migrated into the new platform. The old SBS box was then demoted to a member 
-We have not installed SP1 on either the Windows 2003 server or Exchange 
2003 as of yet. We will perform this function when we have sufficient 
downtime available to us.
-We are running Blackberry Enterprise server as a mail forwarder to those 
devices (loaded on Exchange Server).
-We enabled and are successfully running Outllook Web Access. 

I have a test box I am using to determine what the problem might be. I have 
loaded Windows 2003 Server, and Exchange 2003 Trial over it. I have not 
installed either SP1 for Windows or Exchange as I want it to mirror our 
current environment and the OMA shows up as expected. 

I have yet to find any resolution to my problem from Google, MS KB or TechNet.

My questions are as follows:
1) Is Blackberry server causing this problem? I could not find anything in 
your MS databases regarding compatibility issues with BB server causing this 
2) Can the OMA options be enabled in AD without having to reinstall 
Exchange? They are available in Exhange System Manager, just not in the user 
profiles for AD.

Any help, suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Jeffery Bush
IT Analyst

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