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    Hi there, I have two E2K7 sites in coexistence setup with E2K3 which are directly linked with a sitelink. Site1 contains 1 hubtransport (UTCS121T71) and a routing group connector to E2K3 which is created using the following CMDLET New-RoutingGroupConnector -Name "UTC Connection" - SourceTransportServers "UTCS121T71.eu.test.com" - TargetTransportServers "LONS121T01.eu.test.com","ZSTS121T01.eu.test.com" -Cost 10 - BiDirectional $true -PublicFolderReferralsEnabled $true Site 2 contains 2 hubtransports (NYCS121T71, NYCS121T72) and no routing group connector. The issue I'm facing at the moment is that the (NYCS121T71, NYCS121T72) hub transports do not include the outgoing RG connector to Exchange 2003 in their routing config. The routing config log only contains the connector from E2K3 to E2K7 and not its incoming counterpart. Because of this there is not route to any E2K3 object. When I look in AD both sites contain the same information. What am I doing wrong here??? Regards, Mark
  • 2. "Message Tracking Center" showing incorrect time
    I have applied all of the DST patches for the OS and Exchange Server. OS is Server 2003 Standard (latest patches) and Exchange 2003 Standard (latest patches). I noticed today that when I go into the "message tracking center" teh defult end log time is one hour ahead of the computer time. Also, all of the sent times being tracked are showing as being sen one hour in the future. (i.e. real time is 3:00 PM, messages in tarckign center show having been sent at 4:00 PM). Any ideas? Thanks, Bob
  • 3. DST US patch accidentally installed on Exchange 2003 server.
    I have a junior admin who, in her enthusiasm, has installed this patch on a server that is not affected by the US DST change. It does not appear as an option to uninstall this patch so does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of the problems caused by the updated version of cdo.dll ( users on Blackberries with accounts on that exchange server cannot receive meeting requests and they are not syncing correctly) Server is Exchange 2003 sp2
  • 4. OWA On another Server
    I have recently installed Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 box. Our company's web site is running on a different box running Windows 2000. Do I need to create a virtual directory or another site and set it up to look at the Exch 2003 server for OWA to work from the main web site or would I need to register another www name with my ISP and point that to the Exch03 server. Thanks in advance.
  • 5. Unable to modify members in the distribution list
    We have distribution list that contains 300+ members. This is not a nested DL. I have granted "Full Control" rights in "Security" for 2 of the users, however, they are not able to add or remove members in the DL. They get message saying they do not have enough permission. I have also added one of them to the "Managed Byfield. Please let me know if something else has to be done. Windows 2000 Exchange 2003 Group scope- Universal Group type - Security As an administrator, I am able to add members to it.

Outlook Web Access problem with Exchange 2003

Postby SmFu » Sat, 21 Jan 2006 21:48:02 GMT

I use Outlook 2003 (local installed on my pc) to make appointments in the 
calendar of some collegues. When I copy an appointment and past this for 
example 3 times on other days, everything seems to be ok in my Outlook and in 
Outlook at my collegue's pc.

But when my collegue use Outlook Web Access, the original copied appointment 
and the 3 pasted copies are all displayed at the same day.

It seems to be a bug ???

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I am running EXCHANGE 2003 on a WIN 2003 machine. I go to https://domain.com/exchange and get the login screen. I am able to authenticate with my user name and password and it all works fine.
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I have a Windows 2003 Server (SP1) running Exchange 2003 (SP2) and have a 
problem in OWA. When you select either to access the GAL by clicking New, 
then then To, I get the following error message

Internet Explorer Script Error
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Line: 29
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Error: 'g_eGalTable' is null or not an object
Code: 0

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email, you get.

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I just upgraded our email server from Windows 2000 Server with Exchange 2000 
to Windows 2003 with Exchange 2003.  
With a lot of problem on uninstalling the exchange 2000, eventually, I 
managed to uninstalled it, transfered the DC to the new server (Windows 2003) 
and dcpromo it and let the new server become the stand alond DC.  

On the new server I installed MS Exchange 2003 and SP2 applied.
I can connect the exchange by using MS Outlook, but for some reason I am 
unable to correctly log into my e-mails via the web.

It Oulook Web Access give the login screen, and I can log, but after log in 
on the screen shows funny character, Box with "?" inside it for all the 
pictures, and all the writing is big.  It says loading all the time.
I am use IE6 and IE7 however the same issue happens when using Firefox, only 
with Firefox eventually it is load up, I can see the message, but I cannot 
click anything.

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