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  • 1. Comcast rejects my mail because I smarthost and spam filter
    I am kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place here. We get a ton of SPAM so filter our email by having our MX records listed servers at an Anti-SPAM service company. They filter the mail, then send us all the good mail. Works GREAT! Also, Verizon and a bunch of other companies last year were rejecting our email because it was coming from our static IPs which are not registered as belonging to an ISP. Just a customer of one. We got around this by using our Anti-SPAM service companies smart hosting feature and all was good. Now those complete losers at Comcast our rejecting our emails because we are not sending it directly to them. But if I turn off the smarthost settings, tons of other customers and vendors will reject our emails. Is there anyway to configure Exchange to send all email through the smart host, except for Comcast.net?
  • 2. Not receiving any email
    I recently switched our web site to a different host server. In the process I have lost our email capabilities (Exchange 2003). Users can no longer receive or send. What have I missed? Thanks.
  • 3. How to remove mailbox for a non-existing user
    HI, ALL: We are running Win2003 AD network and Exchange 2003. One of our child domain was removed (deleted). However, we forgot to delete mailbox before we removed the child domain. Now we still have a few mailboxed remaining in the exchange server. How can we remove them? Thanks.
  • 4. weird address issue with certain domains Exchange 2007
    Ok. Here is what is happening. I address a message to an outside user at a government site. In this case it is joe blow @niaid.nih.gov. Somewhere along the way, the Exchange 07 mail server changes the email address. I tracked it with the tracking tool and at the STOREDRIV step, the address is correct. The next one down is the RESOLVE step, and that one has a different address it changes it to niad.nih.gov, and I get a bounce. I have a screen shot of the tracking log if anyone would like to see it. This is bizarre. Anyone have a clue?
  • 5. Resetting password on logon - OWA/Exchange
    I had a user who is on business travel contact me and asked if I could reset her network/Exchange password so that she could once again access her email via OWA 2007. I went to ADUC, reset her password to a default simple password, and then selected the option to have the user reset her password upon next logon. The user then goes to the OWA page, pops in her credentials, but OWA doesn't accept them. She tries a few times, then calls me back. I repeat the same process, ask her to try it again, and still a no go. I then confirm the problem by going to OWA and trying to log on as her. WORKAROUND: What I ended up doing is going to ADUC, resetting her password to the default password, then going back into the user account and going to the Account tab and flagging the option to have the user change her password on logon. The user logs on with the default password, gets into OWA successfully, selects the option near the top of her list of messages to change her password, and she does so. After resetting her password, she is sent back to the logon screen, and from there she can log in normally. I completely don't mind doing this type of workaround to get it to work, but is there a reason why she wasn't able to get into her OWA mailbox when I tried reset the password and flagged the option to change her password upon logon? Again, it seems to work with the workaround listed above, but I find this all a bit odd.

X500 question

Postby bob m » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 03:00:03 GMT


in the middle of a site consolidation/migration from 5.5 to 2003.
when I do a cross-site mailbox move the AD account gets 2 X500 addresses... 
1 for the old site and 1 for the new. I assume this is normal, and necessary 
for mail to continue to flow between moved and nonmoved mailboxes. the 
interesting thing is that both x500 addresses are set to primary (they're 
both bold with a capital X), and the "set as primary" option is not 
available. using ADSIEDIT I can change one of these to secondary by making 
one of the X's lower case, and then the set as primary option also becomes 

my question is, do I care? everything seems to work with 2 primary x500 
addresses. should I leave it alone? is this a bug somewhere ive discovered? 
and should I write a script to set one secondary?


Re: X500 question

Postby Andy David - MVP » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 03:04:39 GMT

I would leave it be. You should still be able to make and set SMTP
addresses as primary or not.

Re: X500 question

Postby bob m » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 03:17:17 GMT

thank you.
for my own knowledge, what does setting an address as primary do, other than 
when its an SMTP address making it the one that is seen on the "from" line? 
is there some other functionality?

Re: X500 question

Postby Andy David - MVP » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 03:21:39 GMT

Thats about it. Its the default Reply. 

Re: X500 question

Postby Ed Crowley [MVP] » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 03:59:46 GMT

That address is not needed for mailflow; interorganizational mail uses SMTP. 
However, what the X.500 addresses are useful for is to preserve old Contacts 
and Personal Address Book entries, and so that replies to old mail works 
properly.  I do find it odd that both are set to primary, though, and that 
would appear to be a bug, but I don't believe that there will be any problem 
because there is no X.500 transport per se, so that address will never be 
used as a reply address.
Ed Crowley
MVP - Exchange
"Protecting the world from PSTs and brick backups!"

Re: X500 question

Postby Dave Goldman [MSFT] » Sat, 11 Nov 2006 21:40:45 GMT

You will also want to leave the x500 address of the old site after your data 
is migrated as the OABGen process reads these in. If you remove them you 
will end up causing full downloads for your clients. For more information on 
this you can read this blog: 


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