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Active Directory contacts not showing up in outlook

Postby Drew Weaver » Thu, 23 Sep 2004 04:16:26 GMT

Hi, i'm having 2 funky issues.

A) I'm creating some contacts in the Active Directory tree for my domain, 
they dont show up in Outlook 2003 when I click on the "From" box no matter 
what I do.

B) That brings me to my second question.. How to I grant people permission 
to send email as mail enabled contacts as opposed to mailbox enabled users. 
I know how to grant people permission to send email as mailbox enabled 
users, thats fairly straight forward.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows, its exchange 2003 by the way.


Re: Active Directory contacts not showing up in outlook

Postby Megan Kielman » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 00:01:44 GMT

See comments below:

Are you sure these contacts are mail enabled? If they are, were they created
in the same domain as all your other mail-enabled users/mailbox-enabled


To grant someone the ability to "Send As" a contact, give the user the "Send
As" permission on the Contacts Security property sheet.

Re: Active Directory contacts not showing up in outlook

Postby Drew Weaver » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 23:41:20 GMT

Thanks for responding.. here are my responses inline..;

"Megan Kielman" <megan.kielman@(removethis)> wrote in 

I'll step you through the process I used to create the contacts.

I went into the active directory Users and Computers "MMC Snap-In"

I right-clicked on "ourdomain"
pointed to 'new'
clicked on Contact
Filled in the info
The create an exchange email address box was indeed checked
I finished the procedure
the contacts show up in the top level of the domain with the FOLDERS, like 
users, builtin, computers, etc etc, do they need to be nested further down?

I dont actually see a Contacts Security property sheet, to illustrate this I 
took a screenshot of what I see and put it on the web
i hope it helps to illustrate my wacky problem, maybe together we can sort 
this beast out ;-)


Thanks for trying to help.


Re: Active Directory contacts not showing up in outlook

Postby Ben Winzenz [Exchange MVP] » Sat, 25 Sep 2004 02:11:45 GMT

A couple of things:
1.  Keep in mind that the standard install of Outlook 2003 uses cached mode. 
If you are using cached mode, you use the Default Offline Address Book as 
your GAL.  By default, Exchange updates the OAB once per day.  So if you are 
adding contacts, you may not see them until the next day.  Forcing a rebuild 
of the OAB and then downloading the newly generated OAB should fix that, but 
they should eventually show up.  Are they?

2.  Contacts are not able to "send" mail.  you can only send mail *to* a 
contact, not *from* a contact.  It's the same as how Custom Recipients used 
to work in Exchange 5.5.  In order to send mail, you have to have a 
mailbox-enabled account.  Optionally, I think you can create a mail-enabled 
user account (as opposed to a mailbox-enabled user account) and that should 
have the ability to send e-mail, but not receive it.

Ben Winzenz
Exchange MVP

Re: Active Directory contacts not showing up in outlook

Postby Megan Kielman » Sat, 25 Sep 2004 23:06:34 GMT


As someone else posted, are your Outlook 2003 clients in cached mode? if so
it can take up to 48 hours for them to show up in the GAL b/c Cached mode
clients actually use the Offline Address Book rather then the Global Address
Book. Also, the reason you aren't seeing the security tab is because you
need to turn on Advanced Features in ADUC by going to View, Advanced
Features. Other then that your contact looks fine!


Re: Active Directory contacts not showing up in outlook

Postby Drew Weaver » Tue, 28 Sep 2004 23:04:46 GMT

You've explained away every reason I had to hate my life.

Thank you.

"Megan Kielman" <megan.kielman@(removethis)> wrote in 

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