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  • 1. OWA attachment and outbox
    Have an ex2k server SP3 on a win2k SP4. When a user access OWA and click on the attach function, the windows stays white and nothing happens. Also if the user just type a message than is more than a couple of words, it goes in the outbox and stays there. I really ned ideas ASAP Thanks Patrick
  • 2. Outbound mail message size management
    Hi all, The scenario is I have to restrict outbound mail to 2MB but also have the exclusion group to management and sales force. I take the simplest approch is Global setting -> message limit -> defaults -> sending message size: 2048 KB. I setup couple of individual email box with 5 MB; however the individual mailbox did not overwrite default size (test case fail). Neverthless, if I setup individual email box (5MB) and setup global setting (2MB) later then client is able to send out 5 MB email. What is the logic behind it? I thought indivdual mail box setting will overwrite global setting so I can create exclusion list. Is it something wrong on my exchange server? I will be appreciated you input and help. Thank you in advance, Johnny Chow
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    Hi there I was just wondering, is there anyway to block the email messages sent from certain IP addresses? ('Sender Filtering' only seems to go by domain name) Any help gratefully appreciated Kind regards Johnny
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    A user is going on an extended absence. Is there a way to temporarily suspend his/her mailbox so that it doesn't fill up? exchange 2003 thx, Bil Herndon
  • 5. mail between server
    We just added another exchange 2k3 server at a remote plant. When users try to send messages to us they just go the the Q and sit there. they are never delivered. Other mail servers at other locations can send just fine. We have started and stopped the smtp server at both locations and that hasnt helped. Anything else to try? thanks

Exc 2003 backup server DR

Postby steveb » Fri, 09 Sep 2005 00:19:41 GMT

Please advise:
Currently I have a single Exchage 2003 server in a 2003 AD. I would like to
have a backup Exc 2k3 server running in the same domain (this will have
daily restores of the live Exc 2k3 mailboxes on it).
How would I configure this backup server so that it could be used as the new
live server (when the existing live server crashed) without any
reconfiguring of applications, i.e. I would like to rename the backup server
and change the IP to the live servers existing credentials and hopefully it
would come on line seamlessly!
Process to do this:
Join the WK3 server to the same domain as the live Exc server.
Install Exc2k3 and join it to the same 'Organisation & Administrative
Groups' as the live server.
Name and IP would be different.

Now I should be able to restore mailboxes (using Veritas Exchange agent) to
the backup server.
Now, when the live Exchange crashes I can dismount the info store/pub
folders   database on the backup server, rename the server to the old live
server (and IP address). Remount the database and alls back to normal.
Would this work. If not, any ideas what would.


Re: Exc 2003 backup server DR

Postby Ed Crowley [MVP] » Fri, 09 Sep 2005 04:38:46 GMT

What you are doing is not supported.
Ed Crowley
MVP - Exchange
"Protecting the world from PSTs and brick backups!"

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