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  • 1. Accidentally disabled WebDAV on OWA server
    I disabled WebDAV on an Exchange server and now OWA won't work. I have re-neabled WebDAV and restarted IIS since but that didn't do the trick. What am I missing? Thanks!
  • 2. 2nd Exchange server OWA issues
    Hi, I recently added a 2nd Exchange server into our enviroment. I moved the Administrator's mailbox to the new server. I can access it via Outlook fine but not through OWA. I get prompted for a username and password and then the site fails to load. I just get a page cannot be displayed. Also in the Exchange Org is a backend RPC over HTTPS server. Is there anything I need to do to add this 2nd server into the Org with relation to the RPC over HTTPS server?
  • 3. Message Que Problems
    We are using SBS 2003 and we're using POP3 Connector. We recently had a server crashed and restored everything from backup. Everything seemse to be working except for two user's mailboxes. The problem is that they are only receiving junkmail and not internal emails or outside legitamate emails. Its seems that emails that are suppose to be going to the inbox are not being recieved. I sent an email from my hotmail and got back an error; unable to send message to following recipients due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server [client's email address]. The rest of the people in the office are able to send emails to each other and recieve emails from the outside. In exchange I did a message tracking for one of the users having a problem and there are messages out there on the server for the user but they are not being routed to her mailbox. How do I resolve this?
  • 4. Restrict sending emails to certain users or groups in Exchange
    Susan, Thanks for the reply. This setup will allow users in my domain to select the user or group from the GAL and add it and send the message. They will then revieve an Undeliverable (5.7.1) message. I would like to find a way that when you attempt to select the name from the GAL it will either give you an immediate popup that you do not have permissions to send to this user or just not allow it to be sent at all. "Susan" wrote: > all DLs and mailboxes have a "message restrictions" setting you can > configure... > > -- > Susan Conkey [MVP] > > > > "aja44" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message > news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > >I would like to restrict allowing some users from being able to send emails > > to other users or groups that are in our Global Address List. Can someone > > explain how this can be done. > > > > Thanks, > > >
  • 5. Exchange DB size grow in rapid rate recently
    Dear all, I encounter problem of priv1.edb files go on to grow in rapid rate. For example, I have done offline defragmentation and result is around 5GB DB size. However, after 2 days, it grows to 21 GB and many log files generated. online backup is schedule to be done in around 6-hour interval. Is there any reasons on such suddenly happened incident? any guidelines or tools on helping this? The temporary solution for me is do offline defragmentation every 2-3 days. Thanks, Thomas

Messages in the deferred delivery queue following MS article Q315631

Postby Ben Long » Tue, 25 Oct 2005 23:31:18 GMT


I need to forward all missaddressed emails to a single mailbox so
carried out the instructions at this support article
be sent to the second SMTP server with the event sink stays in the
deferred messages queue and is never delivered to the other SMTP
virtual server.

MailBasketMD is not an option currently as valid inbound email
dissappears when it is active. I'm not saying that it a fault with the
software but it just doesn't seem compatible with our current setup
(migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 with multiple SMTP

We do have an SMTP Connector on Exchange 2003 and an IMC on Exchange
5.5. All mail is checked by an AV and spam server so we use a smarthost
in the SMTP connector. 

Any would be appreciated.



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