Exchange 2003 - Non delivery report (event id 3028)

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    I set up a new Exchange 5.5 server in my site, moved all mailboxes and public folders from the old server to the new server. I have followed the instructions in KB 152959 How to Remove the First Exchange Server in a Site. However, my first Exchange server is still sending out NDR's when email with invalid addresses come into our domain. All other email is sent by the new server. I don't want to shut down the old one until I know this is OK. Will my new server take over the sending of NDR's after the old server is shut down or is there another step I have to complete to make the new server send the NDR's?
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    Running Exchange server 2003 & Outlook 2002 - I'm receiving the same message with a 4mb attachment several times. Has anyone encountered this problem & got a fix? Thanks
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    I have Exchange 2003 setup on Server 2003 I have 4 users with mailboxes. (They are simple "Domain Users". Two of them can access OWA, while the other two cannot. (All four are practically identical users. What happens is that when any of the four try to login, an authentication box comes up in IE. Users then type in their XXXX@XXXXX.COM and their password to gain access. For two of the users, they login in fine. For the other two, IE gives this error: "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized" after three attempts. I just can't figure out why 2 users (out of 4 identical users) would have troble logging into OWA while 2 others don't. Anyone else see this behavior before David
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    hi, Can some one help me with how to add another site/domain in Exchange 2003. I have an exchange server running Exchange 2003 and right now only one domain's e- mails. The some users should be able to see both domains seperate GAL and their replies/new mails must be sent according to the domain. Plaese help find me some solution thank
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    CAL Licensing Problem: I have recently changed our licensing over from per server to per client. We have more than enough CALs to cover all the users on our domain. My understanding of the difference between per server vs. per client is that for each server the correct # of licenses must be purchased for each server for each user connected. For per client licensing, my understanding is that every user on the network must have a cal. This cal allows them to connect to any server on the domain without infringing on ms licensing. The problem is... Admin tools-licensing, one server, shows that each user connected is "licensed." Another server, on the same domain, shows several users as "unlicensed." Both servers are: setup for "per client." are on the same domain. are Server 2003 standard. I noticed that our login script will run either as server one or server two to connect users to their drives/permissions. Could this be why users are listed under each licensing util on each server, but no licensing under the second server? Or, is this problem an issue with license synch between the two servers? Can someone please help me out, I am stumped on this. Thanks, Julie

Exchange 2003 - Non delivery report (event id 3028)

Postby NetSlacker » Wed, 15 Feb 2006 21:12:11 GMT

Italy User (please help me)

After I reinstall IIS and Exchange 2003 + sp2 in my server SBS 2003 + SP1

when download email with microsoft pop3 connetor the email are deleted from 
ISP but not delivery on mailbox

Event id: 6015
Origine: MSExchangeTransport

Il classificatore sta inviando rapporti di mancato recapito a un
destinatario con indirizzo SMTP:mspop3connector.<Account>@<Dominio>.local
con codice motivo 0x80070002 (Impossibile trovare il file specificato.).


Event id: 3028
Origine: MSExchangeTransport

Rapporto di mancato recapito con codice di stato 5.1.1 generato per il
destinatario rfc822;mspop3connector.<account>@<Dominio>.local (ID messaggio
<000101c62e1c$bb4c9c80$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >).
Causa: l'account di posta elettronica non esiste nell'organizzazione a cui 
stato inviato il messaggio.  L'indirizzo del destinatario non formattato
correttamente o il classificatore non in grado di risolvere correttamente
il destinatario.
Soluzione: per risolvere l'errore, controllare l'indirizzo e il criterio del
destinatario e inviare nuovamente il messaggio.

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Hi There

I don't know if anybody could help me with this query.

I have a customer who has an Exchange 2003 server which is using DNS to 
resolve remote hosts.  The problem he is experiencing is that for a few of 
his customers, when he emails them he gets an Delivery Delay message and then 
eventually gets a notification that the mail could not be sent.  When doing a 
NSLookup for MX records, he can see that there are a number of hosts able to 
accept mail for the remote domain, but the MX record with the highest 
priority points to a server which is not available.  My customer thinks that 
somehow SMTP on his Exchange server is not attempting to try and deliver mail 
to the other hosts, which are able to accept mail. I have been searching for 
days to see if this is possible but I have come up with nothing.

I have sent test messages to the recipient from other Exchange domains and 
the mail gets through with no problem.  When doing an NS lookup for MX 
records for his recipient domain I get exactly the same results as he does.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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