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  • 1. Backup up problem with .stm file
    Hello. I run Ex 2k on Win 2k and Brightstore Arcserve 9 with Exchange Agent. All programs have the latest patches. I have 2 mail stores. On backup, I consistently do not backup my 2nd store.stm file due to a sharing violation. I can back it up if I dismount the store. I have tried shutting down multiple services, including exchange manager, all virus scan services as well as offsite backup services, but always get the sharing violation- that the file is in use. Anybody have any idea what could be using the file continuously and preventing my backup? the other store .stm file and the public folder store .stm file both backup without any problem. Thanks. Mike
  • 2. Exchange 5.5/2K3 mixed environment
    I am deploying Exchange 2K3 to my field offices and moving some users from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2K3. Here's my problem, users on Exchange 5.5 don't receive messages from users on 2K3. Same OU and same domain. Lately, some users on Exchange 2K3 are getting this message: Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified. Please retry or contact your administrator.The MTS-ID of the original message is:c=US;a= ;p=G. L. Homes of F;l=Exch2K3Server- 040630202250Z-75 MSEXCH:MSExchangeMTA:MYDOMAIN:Exch2K3Server I also find that a lot of messages, destined to exch 5.5 users, are sitting in the queue of my exch. 2k3 servers. I can't figure this one out, and don't seem to find clues in TechNet. Thanks.
  • 3. Exchange message console
    Hi. I'm sorry to re-post this message, but i've loose the preceding answer. I've got a Windows SBS 2003 Server. Is there a console where I can see all mail (sender, recipients, message contents, ecc) which pass through my Exchange server? Inside and outside? I need to see every message that my employees send and receive. Thanks Hi Roberto
  • 4. Exchange 2003 Message size configuration
    Per-User configuration for (Sending Size Limit) override globally defined (Sending Size Limit) settings. Per-User configuration for (Receiving Size Limit) takes precedence over globally defined (Receiving Size Limit) settings. Per-User and Global configurations for (Sending Size Limit) do NOT override SMTP VS limits. Per-User and Global configurations for (Sending Size Limit) do NOT override Connector defined limits. -- Nitin Shukla Microsoft Support ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. "JZanone" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > Is there a way to configure Exchange 2003 to give a specific > user the ability to send attachments larger than the > specified limit defined at the Global or Server level? > > My understanding of the hierarchy is that Global Settings > override Server Settings (Virtual SMTP) which override > User Settings. It is like No Override being enabled when > assigning permissions. > > I have to allow 2 users to email attachments >20MB. Is > there a way to do this without defining limits on a per > user basis? > > If I create another Storage Group can I seperate those users and apply > settings there? Although I am still under the Global and SMTP settings.

Archiving and defrags

Postby Pappy » Fri, 13 Jul 2007 03:35:16 GMT

If I archive mail into a .pst and then dismount the store and do an
offline defrag, should the mailstore database shrink?

Re: Archiving and defrags

Postby Susan » Fri, 13 Jul 2007 03:44:08 GMT

that depends on what your DIR window is...and you'd need to wait until the 
online maintenance has can search your event log for event 
ID 1221 - it will give you a rough estimate of how much disk space you can 
expect to reclaim...

Susan Conkey [MVP]

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1.Creating Many Databases In A Large Store to Do Defrags

I would definitely advise splitting that up among multiple stores.
Is there any possibility of mailbox limits in the future or do you expect 
this to continue?

"TeeCee" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> We have a really large store - 362 Gig big.  It has just ballooned over 
> the
> last year and no policy to have limits and some is probably white space.
> If I break down the priv1.edb to many smaller stores, can you do this to
> clean up the databases instead of doing the one big database at once? I 
> could
> do them over the span of several months weekend work.
> Also, we do full backups every night so I have Circular logging enabled so
> the transaction logs do not fill up every time I move a large email.
> We have 22 people with over 10 Gig mailbox stores each a - 2 with over 30
> Gig and 1 over 40 gig. I am going crazy.
> Please confirm this would be or not be a good idea.
> Tina 

2.Online Defrags

Am I right in thinking that white space is created by the subtasks in
online maintenance and also by the online defrag (as it compresses
records to fewer pages)?

If so is there any way of identifying how much white space is created
with the online maint. and then the online defrag?

Our online defrags are not completing - they are terminated with 704
event ids and then we get the 1221 events stating the amount of white
space. I can't tell how far the online defrag gets through the process
on each mbx store... Is this a problem or does it not matter that much?
Is there a way to estimate the benefit we might otherwise get if we
could get the online defrags to complete?

3.Ex2003 Offline Defrags

Simple question: can you defrag multiple stores simultaneously using mutiple 
instances of ESEUTIL on the same server? Will it hurt anything?


4.Offline defrags and .stm database

Recently we moved a large amount of mailboxes from one E2K3 server to 
another and now we've got approx. 22 GBs of white space after the online 
defrags (across 5 mailbox stores).  I want to do an offline defrag because 
there is less than 18 GBs left on the partition (the 5 MB stores consume 
49 GBs out of 67 GBs).  I've done off-line defrags in Exch 5.5 but haven't 
done one yet in E2K3. I've read the KB article 192185 about defragging and 
the question I have is do you have to account for the size of streaming 
database file (.stm file) when you're calculating the amount of free space 
that you need to defrag.  The first mailbox store I want to defrag is 10 
GB (priv1.edb) and the streaming file is 8 GBs (priv1.stm), but the KB 
article says I need 110% of the database that I want to defrag.  Since I 
only have 18 GBs of free space and I want to defrag both the .edb and .stm 
files I would need 19.8 GBs. Do I even need to care about the size of the 
.stm file?


5.Offline defrags of any use w Ex2003???

Ehlo there;

When administering Exchange 5.5 (and older) server I used to have the 
practice to take the databases down like once a year and offline deffrag it.

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could just create a new mailbox store and move the mailboxes there without 
major downtime. This way I would rebuild the database.

Or does offline defrag give any additional benefit?


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