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Import Outlook Contacts to Active Directory

Postby SmFtZXNXVg » Mon, 14 Feb 2005 00:23:01 GMT

Does anyone know how to import Outlook Contacts of individual Users into 
Active Directory?  I am trying to combine the Outlook Contacts of several 
Users on our network into one large Contact list in Active Directory.  This 
will enable us to search all Contacts from each desktop plus allow walk up 
Scan to E-mail functionality from our copy machine.

RE: Import Outlook Contacts to Active Directory

Postby UGF0cmljaw » Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:41:02 GMT

Export individual Contacts into a .pst files and then import all of them into 
one Contcact Folder, say, in your account. Then publish it in a Public Folder 
by moving the consolidated folder into the Public Folder.


Re: Import Outlook Contacts to Active Directory

Postby Ben Winzenz [Exchange MVP] » Wed, 16 Feb 2005 04:04:07 GMT

That will not get them to show up in Active Directory.  It does consolidate 
them, however.

If you want to import them into Active Directory (say store them all in a 
Contacts OU or something), then when you export from Outlook, export to csv 
file.  Then, create a new contact in AD (to see what fields AD needs for new 
contacts), then export it using csvde.  Example usage would be (from command 
prompt on your domain controller)

csvde -r "(objectclass=contact)" -f c:\contacts.csv (or other filename as 
you see fit).

Once you've exported that, you can view the resulting csv file, then massage 
your Outlook contacts csv file appropriately and use csvde again to import 
them into AD.  The following article should help in terms of what fields are 
required - other header fields can be added as needed (use the sample 
contact export as a template)

Another option you have is to use LDIFDE.  It is another bulk import tool, 
much like CSVDE, but the format of the file is a little different.  You can 
figure out what fields are used the same way that you did with CSVDE, except 
specify the export file as a .ldif (or .ldf) file instead of .csv.

Hope that helps.

Ben Winzenz
Exchange MVP

Re: Import Outlook Contacts to Active Directory

Postby U29ueWE » Fri, 11 Mar 2005 05:17:04 GMT

I want to make sure I understand this process. In using csvde -r 
"(objectclass=contact)" -f c:\contacts.csv ( this will allow me to import all 
the users' contacts into the contacts.csv?)

I am building a marketing distribution list for the company by extracting 
all the AE's business contacts but I'm having problems understanding how I 
can do this in bulk export without getting the user to export their contacts 

At some point, I want to automate this export to be process twice a month 
into a table and then create a list from there.

Re: Import Outlook Contacts to Active Directory

Postby Ben Winzenz [Exchange MVP] » Fri, 11 Mar 2005 22:16:03 GMT

o. CSVDE stands for Comma Separated Value Directory Export (or Exchange).
Anyways, it is a tool for importing/exporting information from/to Active
Directory. It will not interface with Outlook at all.

If you are wanting to automate exporting from Outlook, then I would suggest
posting over on the Outlook newsgroups (m.p.outlook or outlook.contacts) or
taking a look over on

Ben Winzenz
Exchange MVP

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