Event: 5719 occurs and no Network Connectivity

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Event: 5719 occurs and no Network Connectivity

Postby Francois » Wed, 12 May 2004 17:25:48 GMT

My exchange server looses it's connection with the 
Primary Domain Controller every 15minutes. In the event 
log the first error that occurs is 5719. 

When I restart the server the exchange is back up for 
15mins and then fails again.

What can we try to resolve this problem.

We are running Windows 2003 standard as the AD server and 
Exchange 2003.


Re: Event: 5719 occurs and no Network Connectivity

Postby Ruwan Dissanayake » Wed, 12 May 2004 18:09:21 GMT

I think this problem occurs because of another problem. Please check that
you have an error on NetLogOn service in the Event Viewer.

Ruwan Dissamayake

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