Added 2nd Exchange Server, Can OWA Work?

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Added 2nd Exchange Server, Can OWA Work?

Postby NW » Tue, 22 Apr 2008 22:32:44 GMT

Added a 2nd E2003SP2 server in our organization. This is a single server
topology, er, not front end/backend though we will be migrating to that
scenario after resolving issues with a 3rd party app that uses a public
folder store on our first server.

Question is:

Currently OWA is accessed on the 1st server at, and I want to move all mailboxes to the
2nd.  Can users access OWA on the 2nd server via the first servers name?  Or
do I need to tell install certificates on the 2nd server and have everyone 
whose mailbox is on that server
to access via the new server's name?

I know I can achieve this if the first server became a front end but don't
think I can do that before migrating that previously mnetioned public store
off it....the other complication is that the 1st server was stood up as a
domain controller.


Re: Added 2nd Exchange Server, Can OWA Work?

Postby Lee Derbyshire [MVP] » Tue, 22 Apr 2008 22:38:13 GMT

If you go to OWA on a non-FE server, and your mailbox is on a different 
server, then your browser will be redirected to OWA on the other server.  No 
problem from the LAN, since both servers are reachable by HTTP, but it 
causes problems from the Internet, since your HTTP ports will probably be 
forwarded to the older server.



Outlook Web Access For PDA , OWA For WAP
email a@t leederbyshire d.0.t c.0.m

Re: Added 2nd Exchange Server, Can OWA Work?

Postby NW » Wed, 23 Apr 2008 01:48:59 GMT

"Lee Derbyshire [MVP]" <email a@t leederbyshire d.0.t c.0.m> wrote in 

Ok, thanks Lee.  Makes sense and that's exactly what's happening on my test 

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