Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2000 Downgrade

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    I have a 2003 server with exchange 2003 sp1. I implemented ssl on owa and oma. Every thing works fine except active sync. I cannot sync from our phones. I also implemented 817379 still cannot access phone using ssl. I turned off ssl under the default web site/active sync and can access the mailbox from phone. How do I set up the server (active sync) and phone to use ssl. Thanks.
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    Is there a way to default the forward of a contact to vcf? When we forward a contact, it works fine internally but when sent to an external domain, the info is missing and comes as an .msg attachment. We would like to make it easier for users to forward contact cards externally (currently users click on Actions - Forward as VCard, some created an icon) Thanks
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    Hello, My chief works on 2 different Exchange organisations (5.5 and 2000/2003). He only uses the calendar in the 2003 organization. Problem is that people from 5.5. organization checks his calendar for availability. How can we hide or disable his "5.5" calendar from being visible to other users? Thanks for any hints, Rolf Utrecht, Netherlands
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    Exchange 5.5. When I or other users access email through OWA (internal or external access), and we try to reply to an email message, the email window disappears completely. So it's impossible to hit reply and actually reply to emails. Any idea? I did a reset of IIS with no luck. Thanks

Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2000 Downgrade

Postby THVrYXMgU3R1cm0 » Fri, 30 Jul 2004 02:10:01 GMT

I downgraded from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2000 (don't ask, but it was an exchange 5.5 issue).  I have installed all of the service packs and checked in between each install and I can not open up Outlook 2000.  I get a general error whose proposed solution is to go check for updates (which I have done and installed).

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1.Upgrade to Outlook 2003 then downgrade to Outlook 2000

I have a problem with a user's (Big Exec) mailbox on Exchange 2003.

We recently have been upgrading Office from 97& 2000 to 2003.

This particular person is using Act for his contacts and uses a Blackberry 
which he synchs with Outlook for e-mail and with Act for his contacts, 
calendar, etc.

Well, we upgraded his Office (including Outlook) and also his Act because 
his version 4.0 Act didn't like Outlook 2003.
We then found that the Blackberry desktop software is not compatible with 
Act and no upgrade is available that is.

So, we had to bring him back down to his Act 4.0 and to Outlook 2000.
Well, evidently Outlook 2003 made some changes to his mailbox so that it is 
not compatible with Outlook 2000.  Outlook won't shut down.  When you close 
it, the "Wait while Outlook exits" stays on for ever.  You have to go into 
the Task manager and kill the Outlook.exe process.

At first, I thought it was some dlls that 2003 left on the machine, so I 
took a computer that I built it up from scratch with Office 2000 on it, and 
it does the same thing.  I tested with a couple other mailboxes that have 
already been accessed by Outlook 2003 and they do the same thing.  I tested 
a couple mailboxes that have not been accessed by 2003 (the owners are still 
on 2000) and there was no problem.

So, that tells me that Outlook 2003 changed the mailbox.

Question:  Does anyone know a way to undo the changes so Outlook 2000 will 
function on the mailbox?

I thought about dumping his mailbox and creating a new one, but he is out of 
town with his Blackberry and I can't connect the new mailbox with the 
Blackberry without it being here.  I'd really like to get this fixed before 
he returns on Monday.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help you have.


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and put it back to office 2000. The outlook.pst file 
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