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    I have two XP pro machines on Small Business Server Network they will log onto the network. loginto Outlook , recive in coming e-mail but cannot send external or browse the Global contacts due to networking error message. If they are setup on Win 98 systems there is no problem. I have disabled all firewall clients. Both systems have manually configered IP address and can fully browse all other parts of the network. If all IP address are removed and the syetems resstarded all works for about 10 minutes before the errors come back. Can anyone help
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    Using Exchange Server 5.5 and Outlook 2002, we have set up a distriburtion list which directs e-mails to users A and B. It is required that when Reply or Forwared are invoked for a message received via the distribution list, the distribution list name and not the name of A (or B) are included as the FROM name. Can anyone please suggest how this can be achieved? As an aside, it is realised that e-mails sent directly to A (and B) will show the name A (or B) as the FROM name on replies or forwarded e-mails, which is acceptable.
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    My setup is Exchange 2000 operating behind an ISA 2000 box, with OWA accessed via an dns alias. Have this odd behavious whereby if you click reply and then click the SEND button, just as you hit the SEND button the whole toolbar changes colour almost like a greyed out condition and then the email disappears from screen. The email is not sent and does not appear in sent items. Any ideas ???

Missing NK2 file in Outlook folder

Postby RGVubmlzX1M » Sat, 12 Jul 2008 02:04:40 GMT

I am having one of our users log on to a different terminal server.   On the 
orginal terminal server when she uses Outlook, she claims to have tons of 
names cached in the autocompletion.  If she hits an "a" in the To field she 
gets a long list of names.  However, the NK2 autocomplete cache file is 
missing from the Outlook folder.  Also, in the Advanced E-Mail Options dialog 
box, "Suggest names while completeing" is checked.  Where would these names 
be cached if the NK2 file is not there?  Again this is on the orignal 
terminal server.

There are only three names in the Contacts folder too, although I don't 
believe autocompletetion tries to match names in the contacts folder.

I have migrated many other users and the NK2 file is always there to copy 
over the the other server.


Re: Missing NK2 file in Outlook folder

Postby Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] » Sat, 12 Jul 2008 08:00:17 GMT

Autocomplete definitely uses a .nk2 file...that's it.  I suggest you search 
hidden/system folders just in case..

I also suggest you set up folder redirection for your TS users (at the very 
least ...if not all users) so you never have to worry about data stored on 
your terminal servers. Redirect Application Data, Desktop, and My Documents 
to your file server, via GPO. 

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