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Message queue Exc2003

Postby Wk9MVEFO » Fri, 16 Jun 2006 17:51:02 GMT


One of my Exchange 2003 site will be unavailble during 4 days due to an 
office move.
I would like my exchange 2003 server queues all the message during these 4 
days and doesn't send any error message to my users.
Is it possible to queue all the emails during 4 days ?
If yes, do you know how & where can I set up this in the exchange admin tool ?

Great thanks.


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1.Messages queued in deferred delivery queue

Hi all, 

I have seen a similar question before but haven't seen any answer to the 

I have 3 BE servers and 1 FE servers. The FE server is in the same RG as one 
of the BE servers, no problems there.

The problem is affecting the other two BE servers where mails are being 
stored for exactly 10 minutes in the "Messages queued for deferred delivery" 
queue. After this, the message gets delivered to correct recipient. No errors 
generated at any time and no NDRs. 

The BE servers that are affected of this problem is in their own RGs.


2.intermittant: internal email Messages queued in deferred delivery queue

Hello all,

I run Exchange server 2003 on Windows Small Business Server 2003.

There is this intermittant problem where internal email is being put in
the deferred delivery queue (and the user did not ask for a deferred
and the options to freeze, unfreeze and force the queue are all greyed
out. Nice.

Also, I've been seeing email error messages returned to the user saying
"exchange server couldn't deliver your message within the specified
period", this again happens occasionally for internal email only, and
after 3 days. But this could just be a symptom of the problem above.

Any ideas?

I just increased the logging on "SMTP protocol" and "queuing engine" to
medium, so hopefully we get some intelligent error reports :-)


3.Messages queued for deferred delivery queue

Hi everyone,

I know this has been asked before, but I failed to find a solution so far.

All of a sudden, every incoming message is being stored for exactly 10
minutes at the "Messages queued for deferred delivery" queue. After this,
the message gets delivered to correct recipient. No errors generated at any
stage of this process. This problem is affecting only one server in our
Exchange organization. All other servers work properly. BTW, this is a
public folder server, and it is the only server with public folder store in
the organization.

There is only one SMTP virtual server. Server is dual homed, but telnet to
both IP addresses work. Telnet also works to a public DNS name of the

BTW, this server is not usually accessed directly from Internet, but only
from our FE server which receives mail from external servers. It than
forwards messages to appropriate BE server.

According to message tracking logs, the delay is happenning after the first
step, for example (note the time):

11/9/2004 4:58PM   SMTP: Message Submitted to Advanced Queuing
11/9/2004 5:09PM   SMTP: Started Message Submission to Advanced Queue
11/9/2004 5:09PM   SMTP: Message Submitted to Categorizer
11/9/2004 5:09PM   SMTP: Message Categorized and Queued for Routing
11/9/2004 5:09PM   SMTP: Message Queued for Local Delivery
11/9/2004 5:09PM   SMTP: Message Delivered Locally to .....
11/9/2004 5:09PM   SMTP Store Driver: Message Delivered Locally to Store to

This is so confusing. First of all, it happenned all of a sudden. Also, all
other servers work properly. No changes have been made recently. What also
confuses me is that all messages gets delivered after delay. 

For all MS guys, I did read Q823489, but no luck.

Can anyone point me to the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


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I've checked the queue and found out that most of these mails' recipients 
just hosted in the same server.

All connector status was "UP" when I verified the routing with WinRoute.

How can I do the further action to troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks in advanced!

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I'm trying to get a handle on the queues in Exchange 2000. 
I've just migrated from 5.5 and have been running just 
fine, but I notice that I have 100-200 domains in my 
Queues folder under my default SMTP virtual server in 
Exchange System Manager. Most of these seem to be spam 
addresses. I have anti-relay correctly set on the Exchange 
server, having tested it with several anti-relay and dnsbl 
websites.  Almost all, except for maybe 10, of these 
domain folders have the "connection attempt has failed and 
the server is awaiting a retry" icon on the folder. When I 
double click on the folder in the left-hand pane, I get a 
folder in the right-hand pane with a red circle and a 
white exclamation point and text which says "Enumerate 
messages from the queue node". When I double click this, I 
get a properties page which says there is no information. 
I can't delete these queues and I'm afraid they're gumming 
up the works. How do I deal with these annoyances?

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