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Exchange 5.5 the recipient name is not recognized

Postby Joe Reiss » Fri, 19 Sep 2003 00:04:47 GMT

Hi All,

I should stress that i'm the software developer not the Admin.  My users are
using Exchange 5.5 with NT 4.0.  My application (run on individual
workstations) uses a SMTP component to generate email.  Local emails (within
LAN-domain) are sent OK.  Anything external gets rejected with 'The
recipient name is not recognized'.  I know that the email address is valid
in these cases.  They can use Outlook (uses mapi) with no problem.

The admin assures me that SMTP on Exchange server is setup OK and as long as
I'm just sending emails there should be no security problem.

Can anyone point in the right direction so I can tell the Admin what to look
for?  I'm sure it's a problem on his side and not mine.

If I posted twice sorry.


Re: Exchange 5.5 the recipient name is not recognized

Postby Beth Belluardo (MSFT) » Sat, 20 Sep 2003 21:51:26 GMT


I have a couple questions to make sure that I understand how your
application drops mail off on the server.

 Does it put the messages in the pickup folder or make an SMTP connection to
the Exchange server?

Exchange has the ability to lock down who can and can not send mail through
the server.  When users are connected via Outlook, the are authenticated and
can always send mail. However, if you are not authenticated, it may not let
you send the mail.  Does your program have the ability to pass
authentication commands?  If not, on the Exchange server, if the Admin opens
up the properties of the Internet Mail Connector, on the Routing tab, have
them choose the Routing Restrictions tab.  On the next screen, under "Hosts
and Clients with these IP addresses"  add the IP address of the application
server generating the email.  Once they restart the Internet Mail Service,
can you now send mail to external domains?

Best Regards,

Please do not send email directly to this alias. This alias is for newsgroup
purposes only.

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Re: Exchange 5.5 the recipient name is not recognized

Postby Joe Reiss » Sat, 20 Sep 2003 23:36:30 GMT

Thanks for the reply, I will pass this on to the Admin.




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I've experienced this same problem and found that it was 
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