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  • 1. Exchange 2003 Sending/receiving emails
    So here I am with Exchange 2003 setup and ready to go I have my pop account forwarding to my network's Public IP address I have both ports open SMTP/POP3 (25/110) on my firewall and traffic is being NATed to my Exchange's private IP I setup a test email account and tried to send emails The account works. I used my ISP's mail server as a virtual server to relay the SMTP mail. I read that I should use a public DNS server send emails that if I wanted to host my own SMTP, but I am not sure where to get the IP. Would my ISPs public email server's IP work as the designated DNS server? However receiving emails is not working when I ping pop.mysite.com I get the right IP (however it times out, since my firewall doesn't allow pings), but the email is just not being received If I try to send an email to the same account (from another account) from within the network it works fine, but not if I go on the internet for example and try to send an email from yahoo or hotmail Can anyone tell me if I am missing something here? My Exchange 2003 knowledge has almost reached the limit at this point. I'd appreciate any suggestions someone might have Thanks Leonard
  • 2. Another Exchange 2003 upgrade questions
    On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 11:39:10 -0700, "bank2640" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: >Hello all. I'm sure this has been asked before so I apologize in advance. > >When you start the exchange 2K3 upgrade from 5.5, do you have to complete >it? What I would like to do is start the install during the day and move the >mailboxes and other data over to the new exchange server on another day. Can >this be done? If yes will it affect any of the current users? > >Thanks. No problems. You can bring the server on line during the day and make sure all is well. Spend a couple of days tweaking the backup and the monitoring tools blah blah till your happy. Do the PF migrations and make sure they're synched properly. Last job is to schedule the mailbox moves. Doing it from the 2003 box allows you to schedule the moves so you don't necessarily have to be around.
  • 3. forest prep and domain prep
    Could running either of these lead to problems, or is the worst that could happen is they will fail, and not damage anything else?? (when using to prepare for exchange server 2003 to join a exchange 5.5 server in windows 2000) thanks
  • 4. How do I limit access to OWA?
    Am hoping to find a way to limit users access to Outlook Web Access. I have tried modifying some of teh NTFS rights to no avail? Is there a quick and easy way to do this using AD groups? Please advise. Thanks!

IP Change

Postby Scott M. » Thu, 23 Oct 2003 12:25:04 GMT

I recently changed from having a dynamic IP address and using a dynamic IP
service to emulate a static IP to having an actual static IP address.

Will I need to make changes to my system (besides updating the public DNS)
to keep my Exchange Server 2003 running?

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1.Empty Mailbody after IP Change

I had to change the IP of my Exchange-Server 2003 and after this 
configuration Exchange Objects like Mail, Calendar, Note have an Header but 
no Body - Text.
I checked the mails with Outlook and via Webaccess with same result.

New Mails have header and body.

Can I to any recovery or do you know a tool which I can use to repair my 
"old" Objects??

many thanks
Rolf Mamat 

2.ActiveSync problem after ip change on exchange server

I have change the ip address on our exchange 2003 sp2 server(and all other 
internal ip), and our OWA is working fin but, ActiveSync and our ipaq is now 
I get an support code 0x85010014 on my ipaq 
We are using ISA 2004 as firewall but the only thing change on that on is it 
internal ip,

Does anyone have an idea what the problem can be? 


3.Advice on heartbeat IP change on 2003 cluster


At present I have a two node active/passive Exchange 2003 cluster. The IPs 
of the servers currently use a 192.168.184.x/24 scheme and I've used and for the heartbeat.

It's now necessary for me to change the addressing scheme of the servers to 
a 10.159.198.x/24 scheme.

What I'd like to know is what would be the best IP/subnet to use for the 
heartbeat. If I just change the 8bit masking for this to 24bit, would that 
be sufficient? Or is it best to move the heartbeat of the 10. range 



Please reply to news group only. Thank you. 

4.help! new ip change, cant receive mail anymore

we changed ip addresses on friday, (both static)
changed MX records, nslookup seems to be pointing in the right place - i can 
send mail no problem, just cannot receive at all,
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5.NAV WebAccess won't launch after IP change.

We have a Microsoft Exchange 5.5 w/ spack.  It has the Symantec Norton
Antivirus for Exchange installed.  We just recently change our IP scheme so
I had to change the IP on the Exchange.  After doing so, the Nav for
Microsoft Exchange service would not start.  So I went to the registry Local
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I got the service to start but the WEBACCESS does not work.

Pls. help.

Thanks in advance.

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