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    Hi, I have a mail server( not exchnage server) outsidemy office with email address for all users " XXXX@XXXXX.COM ". I installed exchange in my office all user r having " XXXX@XXXXX.COM " as there mail ID, they r able to receive mail from the mailbox using POPBeamer. but how can i sent mail from my exchange using " XXXX@XXXXX.COM ". Is it possible ? if so what should b the configuration. Any help appreciated. -- regards, SAM
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    I had to delete our CA server and reinstall it. I have setup OWA to use the certificate. OWA using SSL works perfect at our office. When we go home it doesn't work outside our firewall. I do have tcp port 443 open on the firewall. Also, it worked fine before I had to delete the certificate. What could be causing OWA to not work? I have tested just plain http OWA and it works fine.
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    hi users are getting the same email several times, this seems to be only when one user send to multiple other users -it does not involve external email (inbound or out bound) - and it does not happen on a one to one email. what may be related; some email to multiple internal users is returned to the sender .. Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified. Please retry or contact your administrator. < (tcp-daemon) #4.4.7> what also confuses me is that the message seems to come from our ISP - but these are all one exchange user to another! exchange server 2003 sp2 windows server 2003 standard edition any ideas?

Exchange in existing organization--How to?

Postby VmluZWV0 » Mon, 14 Feb 2005 20:43:02 GMT

I am installing a second exchange server 2003 in my exchange organization, 
which is basically for our branch office.
Both offices are connected my medium speed WAN link which has 7 to 8 hops 
between them. I am going to create a VPN tunnel over Ipsec between two 
I have created a new Domain for new office in existing forest, make it a GC 
(Global catalog) and installed the Exchange on the new DC.
I am doing some testing by keeping the server in my office itself. 
Everything is working fine i.e. mail flow and replication.
Automatically the new exchange server has come in the same routing group and 
gets marked as slave. I have an SMTP connector for outgoing mails. I have 
added the new server as a bridgehead server on the connector. So, I am able 
to send mail outside from new exchange. Internal mails are also flowing 
without using SMTP connector. If I send a mail to some user in older domain 
of same organization it doesn go through Internet connector. It flowing 
internally.  That what required. Gal is replicating. 

I have some queries:

1.	Right now the servers are on LAN, if we move the servers to new office. 
Same configuration will work smoothly? Both the offices will get connected 
through VPN. Is it required to create a new routing group, moving the server 
to new routing group and creating a routing group connector?
2.	As we are installing the second exchange in existing organization. Is it 
required to run the forest prep again? Should we run Domain Prep on root DC 
or just on the DC we are going to install the exchange?


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