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  • 1. Removing the last 5.5
    I have recently upgraded my 5.5 by adding 2003 and moving all mailboxes. I also transfered all the public folders and system files. No I just powered down my 5.5 and removed it by connected with 5.5 admin to 2003 and clicking delete per microsoft instructions. Here comes some problems. 1. I get a Warning in Event Log: A connection to /O=LINZER PRODUCTS/OU=LINZER/CN=CONFIGURATION/CN=SERVERS/CN=NYMAIL/CN=MICROSOFT MTA could not be opened. [MTA XFER-IN 15 26] (12) Now, this happens to be my old Exchange 5.5 that it tries to connect to. Exchange System Manager does not display the old server anymore. 2. I can't remove SRS. When I click on delete, it tries to remove it and then error pops up: No such object on Server ID NO:80072030 Not sure if these 2 items are connected, but any help would be appreaciated. Thank You
  • 2. Default Website / Exchange:
    Default Website / Exchange: I was wondering. By default when you install exchange and use OWA, you must access exchange by https://whatever.myhost.com/exchange. I wanted to know if I can somehow rid myself of the /exchange and keep it as https://mail.mydomain.com and have the OWA shown. Please Advise
  • 3. uninstall e2k3
    I have a single domain running w2k AD. We also have two exchange servers, e2k & e2k3. The e2k is the first exchange server and hold all of the roles. I joined the e2k3 to the existing e2k organization. The e2k3 server (2nd exchange server) is having hardware issues and I move all the mailboxes and required files from this server to the e2k. I need to rebuild this server and since there is nothing I need, all I would need to do is an unistall of the e2k3 from this server using e2k3 setup program, correct. Would the performance of the e2k be affected during this uninstall of the e2k3? Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
  • 4. owa exadmin
    I am tring to get ino the owa exadmin and it will not start up do i need to do anything special to get this to work? i want to turn on forms based authentication.

OWA Setup Exchange 5.5

Postby TWFyaw » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 10:55:01 GMT

Hi All

Is there any detailed documentation on how to set up OWA on Exchange 5.5?
Our setup is Server 2000, IIS5 and Exchange 5.5

thanks in advance

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Hi everyone,

I am having this problem with MS Exchange 5.5 and Outlook Web Access.

When I log in remotely I get to see my emails and as in the office I can
reply, delete, move emails as necessary.

The problem is that when I get back in the office all new emails are marked
as unread. If I have replied or forwarded email they are not marked
appropriately either.

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I am fairly new to Exchange and need some help.  I have an 
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saying i have to install IIS and Active Server Pages.  I 
realize that Exchagne 5.5 OWA requires IIS 3.0 and the 
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We want to setup OWA access to our Exchange 5.5 Machine. The OWA client will 
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Internet---PIX(lan port)------LAN

1- Can I reuse the SSL certificate with my OWA?
2- My web server IS NOT part of any domain, servermax.exe complains about 
the machine not being a memeber of a domain. Why do i have to make it part of 
a domain?
3- I have ISA2004 lying around, will it be best to setup an ISA 2004 in the 
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