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  • 1. Exchange 2003 Beta 2 to SP!
    I am trying to update my exchange from Beta 2 to SP1. When I try to run forestprep I get: Setup failed with installing sub-component Microsoft Active Directory schema updates with error code 0xC1037AE6 I am doing this in a Windows 2000 server PDC. Thanks!
  • 2. Exchange Offline Files
    I am having trouble with an offline folder that is being synchronize to the exchange server. My "My Documents" Folder is set to be made avaialable offline. However if I am on the road (not connected to server), Sometimes the My Documents folder is not accesible. (Gives an error of server not found. Once I return to the office and resync it all comes back, but seems to go away after some time. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • 3. Moving Distribution lists
    Hello folks, we are in the process of retiring our old exchange 5.5 server, so we built a new exchange 5.5 server on better box in the same site and moved all the mailbox and public folders, no how do I move the distribution lists to the new box from the old? any help would be greatly appreciated. Chow.
  • 4. Resource kit for exchange 2K
    i find a tool "GAL modify" which is very useful to me. but i cannot find this tool in orginal Exchange 2K installation disc is the Rosource kit an additional product for exchange 2K? Can i download it freely? if it is not free, can i modify the GAL name and to show/hide company, phone number by other methods. Thanks a lot. Tony
  • 5. ex5.5 to ex2003 Migration problem
    All, I have recently added an E2K3 server into my ex5.5 site in hopes to get all mail over to the server. All of the prep utilities ran pretty much flwalessly and without error. ADC verify comes out clean as well. There are no DNS or name resolution issues whatsoever. 2000 domain is still in mixed mode...BUT... In ex5.5 system manager, I can see the new 2003 server. In ESM for 2003, the ex 5.5 server is not there. Additionally, I am logging 9175 errors in the app log every minute ("openmsgstore failed"). The information store is started and running, and the mailbox store is mounted. I know that it is some kind of issue with the SA, but I have tried everithing I can think of (checking SA mailbox rights, etc). I am at a loss as to how to pinpoint this. Nothing is being replicated from my 5.5 over to the EX2003, even though everything seemed to be set up correctly! Is there a step by step method to verify the SA acct is working proerly, and the the SRS service and ADC are functioning correctly as well? TIA... Roger

New Exchange CAL 2003 user

Postby UmljaA » Thu, 08 Apr 2004 02:36:02 GMT

I've been running the 'trail' version of Exch 2003 and have now acquired the license(s).  How does one install them?

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I am confused by windows 2003 PER USER and PER DEVICE CAL. We have 50 
worksations in the Active Directory doman (one server for DC and file 
server). We use one user "user1" log on those workstation and running our own 
testing application. After testing, we need save data to file server. How 
many CAL do we need assuming file server is configured per seat? only ONE if 
we use PER USER.

for Exchange 2003, if 30 user only access email through OWA(web access). DO 
we need Exchange CAL for 30 users?



2.Device CAL and User CAL - Standard vs Enterprise


If we have 50 users but only 35 computers, is it then right to buy 35 Device 
CALs for Exchange 2003?

Are there anyway to upgrade a Standard version of E2003 to Enterprise? I am 
thinking of the day when the 16Gb limit is reached?


3.Exchange 2003 user CAL entourage for Exchange or Smal Business Server users 2003 CAL

Can someone tell me how to acquire the media and/or license for Entourage
that comes with the Exchange 2003 or the Windows 2003 Small Business Server
CAL. I read on the Microsoft CAL agreement that those CAL's include a user
license for Outlook or Entourage. Outlook 2003 comes with Exchange or SBS
but where do I get Entourage??? HELP!

Steve O

5.Exchange 2003: 8000 Webmail Users = 8000 CAL?


A client of ours, an organization with 8000+ members, wants to give each
member an e-mail address. They will only be able to access their mailbox
using a webmail interface. They will not be able to access their mailbox via
POP3 in any way, using another client interface than the webmail.

I was wondering if in this scenario, we need 8000 Client Access Licences,
namelly one for each user.
Or de we only need one (the client being the web interface, accessing the
Exchange Server)?
Or do we need as much as we think there will be concurent connections?

We are considering Exchange 2003.

Thank you,
Vincent Mouton

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